Portada de Someone Like You de Adele por Emily

August 13, 2013
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¿Eres lo que Emily quiere?

Mira un video musical diferente.

Es la audición de x-factor que siempre habías querido ver - y esta vez tu eres el juez.

Te mira a los ojos y canta desde el corazón. Tiene la voz. ¡Y dime si no tiene también el cuerpo! Tan inocente y a la vez tan seductora.

¿La harás pasar a la siguiente ronda?

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Comentarios de los Miembros

Great perfomance
I enjoyed every second. Thank you, Emily
Something Different
I actually enjoyed this from Emily very much and would really like to thank her for sticking her neck out for doing it. I have read a lot of the other comment and although there are lots of positive comment but it was the amount of negs that took me back. You will never be able to please everyone so pay them no attention. Whether you performed this nude or not, I loved it and loved hearing your singing voice without any music. I would actually encourage you to do more songs or something with talent quality to it. Thanks again for sharing this with us Emily! :)
Lots of courage, and better than many who have tried singing. And to do it nude is a plus.
Bravo Emily!
Beauty seeps from every pour. I aapplaud you courage to belt this a cappella. Adele wiykd be proud.
Singing a capella isn't easy. No auto-tune, no dubbing. Just stand and deliver.
Bella voz, bella figura
Encantado, que bella interpretación.
waht else? superb
Lots of negative comments on her singing, but remember that English is likely not her first language and that this song may not be perfectly suited for her voice; it might just be a song she really likes. That being said, she does have a very beautiful voice. I would actually really like to hear her sing more.
Mi piace molto come canta, e spero di ascoltarla ancora. Si, è magnifica la naturalezza con cui si esibisce così, tutta nuda.
Each to their own
I can watch this all day. Nice one, Emily.
fair is fair
There is a reason for everything and this performance exemplifies it. I don't think Adele can be credited for such delicious boobs, not to mention for such perfect little pussy. The singing on the other hand is not worth mentioning with even the most lapidary of clothing wrapped around mentioned assets. That being said I'd happily worship this girl for the rest of my life, maybe with the assistance of a set of earplugs, which, lets admit, is never a bad idea in female company of any kind ;-)
Emily AdeleCover
Maybe my favorite video. Love it.
Bravo young lady!
Emily could eat potato chips and I would watch ~ I wish her only the best and hope her dreams come true.
Emily =Beautiful. Heart Warming. Talented. Courageous. Sexy. Everything. Brought me to my knees. I am deeply in love with every aspect of Emily. Peter = Genius. Entertaining. Cool. Period.
How wonderful to hear Emily's voice !! She did a great job. She has a beautiful voice. Just imagine if she had a good band behind her !! She could make a career of singing. She speaks English better than I do !! Please tell Emily 'Thank You' for me for that beautiful song !!
Emily singing
To Emily: I honor your courage in being vulnerable and stepping out of being one-dimensional. You're an inspiration. To those who criticize her effort: What are your talents, besides blisters on your hand? Finally, last time I looked this was Hegre.com, not Hegre gutter porn.
That,.... was awesome. Singing, beautiful lady, great photography. Amazing.
Singing in the Nude
Most of us probably perform in the shower or bath, Adele too. But Adele doesn't need to perform in the nude, she is an acclaimed singer, feted internationally and although many pop singers fade after a brief career her star will live on. Emily, bless her, is realistically destined to marry and raise a family, or at worst, drift into the seedier depths of the porn industry!
Nice, but no thanks. Thanks for trying, anyway.
Sing Sing
Well done Emily it takes guts to push out a raw nude song, yes naked without the music and once you relaxed brilliant. Slow it down catch your breath and enjoy. All the best HJ p/s I leave this site today but will be back after a few more up dates love Petter's work (what a life style) great site that must be well supported by a vast team and of course the models, the real heroes. pp/s Special mention for Flora.
Sounds horrible!
Please, no more Videos like that!
oh, let Emily have her fantasy! she certainly is the fantasy of many guys!
Great job
Very well done. Excellent perfomance! Pls. continue...
Emily above Adele
The interest of this interlude, so much unexpected in this kind of website that it is almost surreal, doesn’t seem only entertaining to me, even if, of course, the viewing pleasure is associated with the listening one. I appreciate both the freshness and the minimalism of it (neither music – she sings a cappella, true – nor scenery; plain nudity and standing position) though the cameo of one nice pair of shoes with highest heels (00:28-00:30) is ambiguous and even, perhaps, out of place in that context, just like the – schizophrenic? – duplication of her image (01:26 to 01:30). Anyway, the selection of Emily was an excellent choice since this diaphanous Ukrainian woman, who has proven her versatility before, so has one more string to her lyre: she sings in tune and right, her voice trembles sometimes with an authentic emotion that she can convey to us. That’s why I think she is even better than her “model” (could you imagine Adele, or anybody else in the showbiz, singing naked and without music?!). For that and for her courage, the applauses we hear just at the end of the film are widely deserved. So, thank you to Emily and to Master Hegre for this savory little recital.
Cute. Once in a while it's nice to see their hidden talents or hobbies. I don't mind.
Adele someone
This is a very beautiful idea, and she is doing so perfect and looks so admirable. It's a great joy to see and to listen her. I wished to understand her better, congratulation !!
She is a very pretty sweet young girl and has a beautiful voice. She would have sounded even better with music and she would have looked even better with a little choreography.
simple but good
For those who criticizes it as a simple you tube like video clip, well it is, but well done. Sure it's not a masturbation video, but sometimes I need a video like this, where I can simply admire a girl's nudity without entering too much into the porn area. ( which is not easy to find on internet these days as one may think) Emily looks sweet, but her voice is stronger and deeper than her image , so it's funny to see this contrast. Hope to hear other models voice as well, singing or just a simple interview.
I love the idea to let the models sing.Even if there are better singers in the world, its something different in a video and im glad you did it. and of course emily is beautiful and she didnt sing bad. anyway emily is my favorite model and i love every film or gallery you do with her.please never stop working with her : ) thank you
It's great to enjoy the voice of the models as well as their beauty. Emily has the courage to sing a cappella cover for Someone like you by Adele. I would say 100% YES!!!
Not what she does best..
No entertainment value for me here - in any way. Her delivery is tortuous and there's no real entertainment value in the nudity either. A waste of a film, as a subscriber I want to see better than this. I can hear this kind of stuff on Youtube or at open mic night in my local pub. It may have been done for fun, but as I say, I want value from my subscription on the basis of what the site is about, not amateurs trying to sing. No offence to Emily, it's Hegre's mistake this one.
Epic fail ...
We all have talents and we need to play to our strengths! Models are a bit like children and the old saying "they should be seen not heard". Lets not spoil the illusion and fantasy and get them to do things they shouldn't. Not a great effort IMO.
RE: Epic fail ...