Laia Profile

Name: Laia
Country: India
Weight: 49kg
Height: 172cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Dancer

Female empowerment, one move at a time…

With mesmerizing dark brown eyes and the henna-colored skin of her native India, our new model, Laia, is the image of warmth and vitality. But she’s more than just good looks. This girl is a mover and a shaker.

In a message to Hegre, she said, “I’m deeply connected to myself, my sensuality, and my sexuality. Nudity and sex aren’t vulgar if you understood their healing powers. And my sexuality isn’t restricted to one gender or physique; rather, it’s about the connection that me and my body make with our partner. “

This level of enlightenment not only informs her erotic life and her work as a dancer, but her activist ambitions as well. She’s involved with various female empowerment projects that seek to help women be more comfortable with themselves and their capabilities. In a place like India, that’s profoundly important work.

Being a part of the new wave of women on the subcontinent that want to be in control of their lives brought her to Hegre. It also lead to her premiere film – a lesbian exploration movie in which she experiences her first orgasm on film and discusses the emotions involved.

Yes, Laia is the real thing. Come spend some time with this inspiring young woman. She’ll lift you up in more ways than one!

Laia And Serena L Lesbian Love May 1st, 2018
I love touch and learning and exploring touch. What made this very special was their inquiring conversation and searching for what the other enjoyed. Great that that was shared so we can enjoy and learn.
Wonderful Women
I was so happy to see that Serena L is still working with you guys. She is so outgoing and so sexy. I love her laugh, too. Pairing her with the beautiful Laia was a master stroke to introduce the latter to filming, and this is a wonderful video. What I don't understand is why Serena L is not higher rated on the model list. Everyone seems to love her, but I have to search for her alphabetically when I want to see all of her work.
I love how Laia rubbed Serena's orgasm all over herself after.
sexy and informative! was nice to hear these ladies chat a bit! took me a few tries to get through this one! My login kept timing out! lol
Laia & Serena L
Muy ingenioso e ilustrativo este film, las chicas hablan sobre el patriarcado, el machismo, y otros temas de actualidad, mientras se chupan las conchas, se pajean unas a otras, y se introducen dildos como quien le pone un termómetro a la hijita para medirle la fiebre. Un gran hallazgo, creo que es la primer película de Peter con algún tipo de guion..
Sexual, informative and erotic. Just a masterpiece.
This is truly the masterpiece of Hegre!
this was without a doubt the best film on hegre....laia is a delight....her transparency, honesty, and innocence is enlightening and refreshing.
laia and serena
fucking awesome. the best.
She is generalising Indians here which is unfair to lots of Indian hegre.com viewers like myself. Indian is a broad term being India is the second most populated country in the world. Unfortunately her derisive comments against Indians destroyed this otherwise beautiful video.
Serena L & Laia
Que privilegio para Laia hacer su debut en la página de la mano de Serena L, "the best chupaconchas ever", un privilegio que no olvidara en tosa su vida. Serena L es la Gheisa que todos quisieramos tener en nuestras casas, tanto seas hombre o mujer...
Cordless vibrators
Hi. Does anyone know where I can find the cordless vibrator wands in this and recent videos?
RE: Cordless vibrators
Uh, Amazon (duh)
Great Video !! Serena is a beautiful and experienced woman. You could not have a better teacher !! Laia is a very beautiful woman. It was amazing to watch her intimate moments. She is open and not afraid to experience and talk about sex on film. Very honest and erotic in it's straight forward presentation !! It would be great to see More of Laia and Serena !! Also it would be great to see Laia have a session with Alex or Mike !! Thank You !!
Incredible India
Really great to see a couple of beautiful Indian girls join the team.