Belle Profile

Name: Belle
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 41kg
Height: 157cm
Age: 25
Occupation: Model

A lot of power for a little frame…

Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a girl by her size. Sometimes the smaller ones make up for it by having a larger than life presence. And that’s our Belle.

With her classic looks, delicious derriere, and unique ability to tease the camera until the lens melts, Belle packs a big sensual punch in her petite and perky frame. She has total control of her figure and its alluring movements, and any man’s knees will go soft when she struts her stuff.

One of Belle’s favourite things is rock stars. She loves to go to concerts, mount herself on someone’s shoulders, and give herself to the music. So let’s give a warm welcome to Belle. Chill and elegant, tiny and powerful, she’s the kind of perfect female paradox that will set your heart on fire.

Belle Introduction October 7th, 2017
So lovely
Since she made her first photo set, I am loving this model ! She is so perfect and, " no make up " in this her first photo set at hegre.com. I hope to watch more of her , and, sure, it would be great if they made a video of her as well ! Thanks !
Goodness what a beauty Belle is. I'd love to have her with my morning tea!
Belle is perfect in every way. Petite breasts t, perfect size, perfect aerials and nipples, perfect lips,, perfect nose - and my goodness those eyes are gorgeous. I want to see more of Belle and I hope she smiles the next time as I'm sure that's perfect as well
Gorgeous Belle
Another gorgeous lady. From what I could see she has some very stunning attributes. Maybe next time the pics will be more revealing to give a better look at her pussy (clit) and her anal exposure. :-)
More Please
She is beautiful. Pretty face with such a toned, athletic body; love it.
Very nice
Welcome Bella, so very glad you came. So beautiful......I can't wait to see more.
Wow what a body. It's perfect and beautiful face. Many more and more erotic
Welcome to another beautiful Hegre model!!!
She's beautiful and she has a great body : beautiful breasts, wonderful pussy, cute little ass. The next step will be to add a smile...
ласкаво просимо красуня!
WELCOME BELLE!!! I love this photo series. Delightfully au naturel.
In tense
VERY beautiful girl ! Her signs of being a little afraid and tense: also interesting, wanting me to make her safe and confident, and longing for my LOVE.
An absolute beauty.
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