Yola Profile

Name: Yola
Country: Argentina
Weight: 58kg
Height: 175cm
Age: 18

Eager and Young

Petter Hegre booked a shoot with Yola through a local modeling agency in Buenos Aires.

AT THE of the booking she had blonde hair and seemed a bit timid. Still, there was something charming about the way she carried herself and Petter decided to take a chance by giving this young and inexperienced girl a try.

Three days go by and the blonde haired Yola was gone, only to be replaced by a fiery haired young lady ready to jump eagerly into her first ever assignment. Petter could not help but smile a little as he watched Yola’s girlish figure, not yet fully developed with baby fat still visible on her tummy, jump into each situation with the energy of a newly hatched bird trying out its wings for the first time.

Perhaps she came across as a bit clumsy in Petter’s eye, but it was the effort that counted more then anything and for that she gets a gold star.

Yola shy nudes January 30th, 2007
Exactly what a female butt should look like. Completely perfectly flawless, with proportions to die for.
RE: Dreambutt
I could not agree more. Well said
Yola mirrors October 3rd, 2006
When are we going to see your movie?
It's really a shame in this set that we weren't allowed to see more of this extremely beautiful woman.
Yola in Buenos Aires November 15th, 2005
Great title for this set
Very cute collection. I like it!
You're the definition of perfection!!
Yola swan chair September 21st, 2005
Raw Perfection WOW Yola
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