March 12, 2013
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Kiki erwartet zwar eine Menge Sinnesgenuß aber sie hat hat keinen blassen Schimmer wie viel bevorsteht.

Es fängt alles ganz ruhig an. Sanfte Liebkosungen umschmeicheln ihre Oberschenkel und ihr Gesäß. Steigert sich ihr Verlangen etwa doch ein wenig? Das ist das Signal. Sie hat bewiesen, daß sie jetzt bereit ist für das Geschenk, das sie erwartet. Sie nimmt es eifrig in Empfang.

Jetzt wird Kiki der vollen Kraft ihrer eigenen Leidenschaft ausgesetzt. Es dauert nicht lange, da schreit sie in Ekstase. Ihr Körper wird von Lust überflutet.


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colour coordination
some subtle artistry here - top of massuer matching kiki's lipstick and flushed genitals - keeps you looking from one to other -
Equipment malfunction
Great moment at 12:45 when Kiki drops the table at the height of orgasm with both trying not to laugh.
This girl lives her sexual needs, respect! At the end, it's so cute, how both girls are smiling and laughing together! Carry on, Kiki! Love you!
Kiki Power Orgasm Massage
You could add another dimension to this beautiful film if the masseuse worked ;Topless'.
Wonderful natural exhibition of womanhood, I am a BiSexual and KiKi hits every button for me. Before I joined the group my definition of the Beauty of Woman would not be anything like KiKi but know I am going to have to go back to the re-write table! Her Orgasms seem so real, so powerful that I am not sure if it was her or me. The Power of her Orgasms and mine are so alike that I am not sure that I do not have another daughter
How about a bush now and then....
Much like Engelie, Kiki is so beautiful. Her face and body are a perfect 10. I want to see more of her really soon. It has been 3 months since she has had a massage. Next time both Kiki and the masseuse can be naked!
Makes me thank God I am a woman. I am not down with the lesbian things that people say about these videos that are gear towards lesbians. Men don't understand the bond between two women. I personal don't have anything against lesbians. I am very heterosexual and yes I do like the connection that a woman can have when another woman touches her down there! It is a bond of womanhood. A woman knows what woman wants. This was beautiful!
Nice But...
I agree with Abby here. Kiki always rocks! She is beautiful and it's amazing how willing she is to share so much intimacy. But I have long suggested that the first thing I'd do if I ever met her was to take her out for a good meal! Lots of pasta! Thin is attractive, so long as it fits a person's body type and is healthy. When I see Kiki I worry that she has crossed the fine line on health.
nice but..
Wow, on one hand I'm thoroughly impressed with Kiki's ability to tolerate that much stimulation from the Hitachi Magic Wand. That's the cadillac of electric vibrators, but it can be too much and make the whole region numb pretty quickly also. Kiki has lovely orgasms, though, so the masseuse definitely has skills in that area. I was repeatedly distracted by how skinny the lovely Kiki is, however. Her arms are like toothpicks, skinny to the point of alarming. I know Petter favors skinny girls, but lets not promote an anorexic figure.
RE: nice but..
Kiki is the reason I joined Hegre. Please don't change a thing. Keep her gloriously skinny body cumming! :)
This is what Heger-Art is all about!
Wow!!! This is amazing stuff...for the first time, we see some much needed interaction between the model and the therapist...more please! Fantastic!
Wonderfull how she is crying and enjoying her orgasm between 28:41 - 29:07
It was wonderful! It was great, when she shows with her hand, how she wants to be masturbated.
Wow Kiki is looking very hot! More! More!
Her cumming
Don’t miss the close up views of her cumming at about minute 19. More of these please.
Power Orgasm Massage
Excellent. Kiki certainly seemed to enjoy the whole experience!. (And so did the masseuse). When such machines are used it might be preferable, because of the strong orgasmic convulsions, to restrain the receiver's limbs. At one point, in the first part, the table almost collapsed as she orgasmed!.
Sound could be better
The sound could be better. The noise of her pussy needs to be louder and longer I think. It is too faint.
RE: Sound could be better
I reckon that pussy noises on their own are the best sound track you could get.
Get one
I have a vibrator just like this one. I can definitely say it was worth every cent and more. You guys should be getting one for your g/f’s.
So sudden
It was amazing when Kiki cried out like when she cummed the first time. It was so sudden.