Kiki selbstmörderischer Orgasmus

July 24, 2012
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Auf der Kippe

Kiki liebt es die Extreme auszuloten . Ihr Motto ist “Nichts ist so erfolgreich wie Exzess”.

Ihren eigenen Körper zu spüren erregt sie. Sie lässt ihre Hand zu ihrer erwartungsvollen Pussy gleiten. Das Tor zur Ekstase fängt an sich zu öffnen. Eifrig erkundet Sie sich und das wird schnell belohnt. Ihr pulsierender Vibrator leitet die Wohltaten ein. Jetzt sehnt Sie sich sogar nach noch mehr.
Ihre Finger gleiten tief hinein. Was für seltsame Phantasien laufen in ihrem Kopf ab, während sie sich befriedigt.?

Was das auch immer für Phantasien sein mögen, der Effekt, den sie haben, ist jedenfalls explosiv.

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Kiki - I love your entire body - from those succulent feet just begging to have the toes sucked (I'm a foot-man) - and then I want to lick my way up those sensuous legs until I can lick that beautiful pussy and suck on your wonderfully hard clit - and then ask you to turn around so I can lick your perfectly-shaped ass hole - and I am almost too tired, but I will make it - up to your suckable tits for more sucking and licking.... By now, I have had multiple orgasms - and I just want to fall asleep with you in my arms, cooing for more. You've made my day
I think she just outdid Meg Ryan
oh so sexy
I am in love with Kiki
No involuntary contractions? Shame on you. Good acting though.
luv kiki
My favorit Hegre girl! i just adore her, i can't stop looking at her photo's/film, she's amazing!! hope to see her soon in a cam show<3
There a few things in life better than watching a young lovely pleasure herself to orgasm. Kiki hits the spot!
I can't stop watching this video. The way her face shows feverish desperation when she's close to orgasm makes me even more turned on. The only way to improve on this video is if she was in a sauna; she sweats nicely here but I would love to see her beautiful lean body completely soaked. Please make her sweat more next,so erotic.x
You should show the pussy-contractions while the orgasm. That would be interesting!
Hegre's Progression
It's interesting being a part of this site for some time. One sometimes wonders if Hegre has sacrificed some of his original style -- what made him unique -- in order to win the crowd. Kiki reminds me that Hegre is still pure to Hegre. There's something entirely innocent and yet knowing about this woman and filming, while a bit "propped" is still very real and comfortable. Aside from the incredible body that Kiki possesses -- it's her ability to share her mind that most amazes. How unbelievable comfortable in her own skin. That is Kiki. But that is also Hegre's gift.
KiKi has the type of body I came to this site to see...I love sexy beautiful girls..not "Pornstars"....I love the way she is built and I think I am going to love this site...more KIki
Imagine walking in on her, head thrown back, 'KIKI, have you seen the remote'
Kiki is certainly my favourite girl here. Her body is so beautiful. Please make her sweat like that again. For me there's nothing sexier than seeing a girl drip with sweat.
I love the way she masturbates ... she has a truly lovely clitoris ... and I really really love the way she writhes in such intense sexual ecstacy when she orgasms ... I sooo want to insert my penis into her beautiful vagina ... and I want to cum inside her at exactly the same moment as she does!! Every time I watch this video, I ejaculate within 2 or 3 minutes!!!
Shriek and moan
When Kiki starts to shriek and moan with pleasure that’s when I start to take notice. I reckon there should be more of this on the sound tracks of the movies instead of the background music.
RE: Shriek and moan
I have noticed that lots of guys get turned on when I start to make loads of noise. For me I can’t help doing it anyway but it is nice to know it is appreciated.
RE: Shriek and moan
I agree about the background sound remarks. I would go further. There’s lots more noises going on besides any moans etc. Let’s hear them.
Goes for it
I like the way she uses her fingers AND a vibrator. She really goes for it.
There is nothing more exciting for me than watching a woman masturbate. Kiki is a genius at it.