Gia Hill And Noma American Apparel Shopping Spree

February 4, 2014
Retail Pleasure

Stripped off and walking the streets.

Naked shopping. What better way to pick new clothes? We invited our incredible new twins on a shopping spree like no other. While they’re trying on sexy outfits you get a sneaky peek through the curtains.

But what happened next even took us by surprise. The girls decide to hit the busy streets, wearing as little as possible! Watch jaws drop and eyes bulge as they strut their stuff.

This is like nothing you’ve seen before.

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Members' Comments

Public Nudity
Great video, very cool to hear the girls casually talking and joking. Loved the exhibitionism, it was just getting good as the video ended!
Great film
1-sexy and fun girls 2-sexy fashion 3-public nudity my favorite type, defiantly want more like this :D
Simply one of the best things I've ever seen, fact..
Just have to come on that this video was the reason I joined the site after seeing the preview. I adore movies the most and love ones that are spontaneous with girls getting naked and having fun. Its a niche though that is exemptionally rare whilst most sites show solo girls I much prefer couples or groups of girls. I would of loved to of seen many more films like this on the site but understand that the site is more of a solo photography site and I except that groups of girls and videos like these might not take preference. Watching this movie last night though, and I was like, Oh wow, this is amazing, loved the daring and fun nature of the twins, they were captivating throughout and made you laugh with their sense of humor. You couldn't of picked a more perfect pair to film this movie with. I really hope you get these girls back sometime for a new movie maybe in a similar style to this with some public nudity. Watching this was worth the join fee alone.
Gia and Noma
You both have the best asses of the net! Love ya
That's it!
Awesome Hegre! You rock! The concept is one of a kind. The models could have been more voluptuous but the raggea vibes was cool! Bless up! Dan
Love Gia Hill she is awesome person ,
Fantastic, fantastic, absolute fantastic.
I hope we can see more soon!
it takes all sorts
Not my cup of tea as I found it rather boring in content and subject. But that's what I like about this site there is something for everybody!!
Brilliant movie Petter !!! loads of fun and sexyness by the twins ... Ps : loved the guy watching his watch passing by the twins haha !
Really nice movie!! : )
The Cutest Chicks EVER!!
Holy crap these two are amazing!!!! So THAT'S what hot girls do in the dressing room.
Gòtic flamígero
First, this genuine short film is a real treat for voyeur: both the girls (gorgeous!) scarcely ever look at the camera or strike a pose. But it is also a well-designed work, full of freshness and imagination, with quite a lot of humor (“Come with me” [9:50], “Nothing to see here” [15:05], etc.). Petter Hegre has let the girls a share of initiative, just what the film needed to get a real natural, while avoiding uncontrolled improvisations that should have sometimes led to some floating moments. That’s why, in my opinion, Shopping Spree would deserve to be award-winning in an international short film festival, if only there was one for this kind of film. Yes, this is like nothing we’ve seen before and, for, it’s certainly one more step to the acquisition of a new dimension. Of course, you absolutely have to go on and work this vein, with other situations, environments and/or actresses but according to the same principle. Outstanding, Maestro!
Which city are we in? Baecelona?
Got my attention
Slightly erratic but nevertheless very enjoyable introduction of two gorgeous and fearless ladies. With such an easygoing, devil may care attitude, I wonder what other antics could be in store. I will definitely keep my eyes open (and fingers crossed) for much more from these two.
Cool twins!
I am glad they don't share the style of the latest American-Apparel-mannequins.
Gia and Noma
A fun shoot for the girls. They are so beautiful that it would be super to see them in some massage videos/films.
best nude in public
Welcome Gia and Noma! Well, that was something new for this site and really fun to watch. Great to hear the girls speaking in a relaxed way. This, their unmissable bond and the fun they have together makes this video probably the best nude in public-film. The Hegre-touch is there. Good camera work too. Great job overall. Hey girls out there, thats a way to make shopping not boring for your male companion. ;)
welcome to HEGRE!
It's so funny, cute, and hot sexy!!!!