Ecstatic Vaginal Massage

February 11, 2014

With mouth gaping open.

This vaginal massage master class will have you looking where you weren’t expecting. As you watch our masseuse’s fingers play her clitoris like a musical instrument, your gaze will keep returning to our model’s face. That’s where the true story of orgasm is told.

Her eyes barely open during the entire movie. With every changing expression, you’ll fall deeper and deeper under her spell. Is she really enjoying it?

How can you tell? Well, the pleasure is written all over her face…

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Members' Comments

I'd love to get a massage like this with my husband watching. I know it would surely turn him on would make me come harder with the thought of him being turned on
As she orgasms...
This is a beautiful video, but as she orgasms I would like to see closeups of the orgasmic spasms of her anus, as additional confirmation of her real pleasure!
love it
Wow h,ow beautiful . You can't but get a hard one within few minutes.
Nice pucker,flat tummy & nice hips so hugable just love this gal
So nice just watching this gal you just want to hug her all over and make her feel so loved. She just exudes beauty and I love to see how she responds to the masseuses touch like a delicate flower opening to the touch.
This video was amazing mostly because it had a model who was so expressive and not phoney. Her face, hips and arms really should the pleasure she was feeling and boy that sure makes the viewers experience more enjoyable! It was hard (pardon the pun) not to come fast but I did last for half the film.
She has such a grogoius rosebud
Why is no one paying any attention to that part of her anatomy sucking on the rose bud while a tongue is thrust inside with someone else paying attention to her earlobes and neck, why not make it a whole body experience?
Love the videos
Love all the videos on this site... I wished you had a chance to change the update schedule to 1 film, 1 massage and 5 photosets a week (doubling the video upload frequences). Watching the preview of the upcoming film or massage for 2 weeks.. is painful :)
The return of the Magic Wand!
I don't know if anyone else is confused like me as this girl looks more like Emily than one of the twins and if it is one of the twins, which one is it?
RE: Confusion
She is Noma, Gia has a tatoo on her right feet, visible on one of the potos. Gia is the bigger one, as i font out else where on the net :)
Ecstatic Vaginal Massage.
I'm sure that the receiver thoroughly enjoyed her massage but, (unless the talented masseuse asked for anonymity herself), I don't approve of hiding her face. It adds to the overall interest to see, from time to time, how deeply involved in a massage the giver is and the face reveals this. After all, such an intimate activity is essentially a shared experience.
This is a never ending state of permanent excitement. Great movie
what a beauty!!! and that therapist is amazing! would order her any day for my wife if i could!!