Yanna - Grottes

February 7, 2006
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Une beauté sur la plage

Une des femmes les plus classes que la caméra de Petter Hegre ait filmé, Yanna s’est récemment retrouvée sur les bords de mer déserts du Portugal : lieu idyllique pour se défaire de ses vêtements.

Les roches noires des falaises environnantes servent de décor idéal au corps élancé et athlétique de Yanna qui de ses pas légers comme des plumes s’aventure sur les rochers.

Paysages d’aspect dramatiques, voici la définition même de toute la beauté du monde.

  • Durée d'exécution : 3:51 Minutes
  • Format :
    • SD 576p (37 Mo)
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    • SD 360p (9,8 Mo)

Commentaires des Membres

RE: Yanna's lean slim body oiled in motion
Excellent choice of words, Steff--my feelings exactly!
I am mesmorized. Seeing Yanna's lean slim body oiled in motion is breathtaking.
Dear Yanna do you like to marry me ?
More perfection
Yanna movie
I rarely take the time to make comments. This woman is mesmorizing. So slender and beautiful. Plus she looks fabulously fit, I'll bet she'd excel at any sport she took up. I'd kill to see her walking on my beach.
perfect video
This is the videos we needs. High quality, natural environment, perfect closeups of her beauty. Do it again
Ron - What do you mean she looks like she needs to eat, she is a dancer! Athletic, Graceful, Amazing Body.... I have ploughed through Gb after Gb of Hegre's Models... Give me Yanna, every time...
WOW,,WOW,,WOW,, Words are not enough to describe Yanna's grace and screen presence, I agree with tanuki96. When Yanna walks out of the dark all oiled up is absolutely breathtaking! Mr Hegre is one lucky guy to be able to film such a beauty as Yanna..... I'm still checking on airfare to the Czech Republic... hehehe
I'm blown away...
I am completely floored by this video. Yanna is already an incredible model...but Yanna oiled up is even more stunning! Her walk out of the cave at the start is just out of this world. I've said it before, but whenever I look at Yanna, I think I've died and gone to man-heaven!
she looks like she really needs to eat :(
Such a sexy girl. I just love watching her beautifully sculpted body move. Her oiled abs are so perfect.
Yannas thin, athletic body is unique. There's nothing like her. She moves like a dancer. Fantastic! A bit disappointed about the camerawork though. The handheld shots are way too shaky.