Yanna Burning Oil

October 14, 2008
Summer Heat

The gorgeous Yanna is back again for another lazy day of soaking up those hot summer rays.

Watch Yanna as she covers every inch of her tight toned body in suntan oil; making sure those sensitive areas are well oiled! You can be the voyeur watching her massaging and caressing her beautiful golden skin. And let your imagination run wild as Yanna teases herself with wet, slippery fingers…

It’s hot, it’s sexy, and it’s Yanna at her very best!

  • Runtime: 5:55 Minutes
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Members' Comments

My fantasy? Next time, please allow me to gently and slowly rub oil on your beautiful, little body.
yanna naturally skinny beauty
Yanna is fantastic!very skinny,but naturally skinny!i love her!my cock is always in erection when i see her nude skinny body,and my dream is to have sex with her....
She's done it again...!
Yanna has once again given us an awesome video, giving her fans *everything* we want to see, the way we want to see her...covered in lots of oil, bathed in the sun. :) Thank you, Yanna, our goddess, for the many wonderful gifts you've given us. You'll be missed...
you magnificent goddess,yanna is incredible.
Gotta love oil!!!
Yana seams ti have put on a pound or two! (good thing,BTW)
Eighth wonder of the world, that body is!!