Margot sesión de fotos

April 5, 2016
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Íntima y reveladora

Sé testigo del arte de la fotografía de desnudos.

En la actualidad cargamos poderosas cámaras en nuestros bolsillos. Cualquiera puede tomar una fotografía, así que cualquiera se cree fotógrafo. Pero la verdad es que se requiere talento y entrenamiento para capturar la belleza del cuerpo femenino desnudo de esta manera.

Petter Hegre ha afilado su talento artístico crudo durante muchos años. Así que sí, todos podemos tomar una fotografía. Pero hace falta un maestro para hacer el tipo de imágenes que disfrutas aquí en

En este corto te llevamos detrás de cámaras para que veas la intensa relación de trabajo entre la modelo y el fotógrafo. Disfruta.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

Photo Sessions
This was so hot and interesting to watch. Margot has such an innocence to her, but then the positions she gets in are so erotic. It's great to see how these photographs are shot. Would love to see more like this.
Margot has such a pretty smile...but we never see it in photos.....Why?
We do. It's just a rare pleasure.
Nice insight into Hegreworld! Two pro`s just getting on with it ... go Margot. xx
Hegre's next superstar?
photo shoot
I would like to see these shoots maybe without the music, be able to hear the interactions between the model and photographer
Such film give us an idea about the work done to reach a so high quality to the gallery. Margot is still promising and I am convince that we can expect a lot from your duo.
margot photos
wonderful relationship and varied poses. frankly the variety and the smiles that occasionally escaped from model decor were the best. Even a wide emotional display would have added. the beauty of the model and her responsiveness to the photographer was a lovely blend of familiar and too familiar. thanks
Margot !!
What a beautiful woman !! She must be every photographer's dream !! How many photographers get to shoot a Perfect Angel ? You combine her amazing beauty with Peter's photographic skill and you end up with the most exciting erotic images on the net !! Great video !! Please give us more of Margo. I can tell that Margo needs a massage !! Thank You
The Music.
I can't understand the music, would be better with raw sound of model, photographer and the shutter of camera and pop of the flash. Same thing in massage, the music are to much.
Again, as a wannabe photog, I must echo what BusyBee said. I would love to hear what you are telling the models! although, I understand why we don't. Petter offers seminars about photography. Understandably, he doesn't want to give away TOO much info for free! Thanks so much for giving us this small peek! Sexy, cute Margot is quickly becoming one of my favorites!
this was my comment...not sure how that nickname got on there! lol
Awesome BTS shoot!
Margot photo session
Beautiful girl with a stunning body. It would be nice to hear Petter's instructions to Margot during the shoot rather than just the music.