Margot Slippery and Slimy

February 2, 2016
Naked Nuru

Experience the ancient Japanese erotic ritual.

Nuru, coming from the Japanese word for “slippery”, is a sensual massage like no other. Instead of using just hands, the therapist gets naked and slides their entire body across yours. It’s the most intimate and arousing massage experience. You just need a tonne of lube.

But that’s not a problem. Once considered something to hide, it’s now totally normal to reach for the lube. In a recent survey of 2,500 women, 94% agreed lubricant makes sex more pleasurable.

This slippery little movie is our tribute to this trend. We’ve covered Margot from head to toe in Japanese Nuru Gel. The only thing missing is another body to glide hers across. Are you up for it?

  • Runtime: 10:12 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Great thanks to Margot.
Margot slippery & slimy
Very sensuous, very arousing because of combining sounds of crinkling sheet, gobs & strings of nuru gel, and naked young beauty; one feels one is on the sheet wrestling her, massaging her.
Need a followup video with another girl cleaning all the slim off of her. I volunteer!!
Who made that big mess that Margot is sliding around on? Was that you Petter? Seriously though, Margot is fantastic. What a beautiful performer. Like I often say, I love it when the woman commits herself to the task and doesn't hold back.
American beauty movie
She's a beautiful lady
Think she's a newfound favorite of mine. Watched all her pictures and she's just great. Her breast are a delight to see and the rest of her is special as well. Love for her to squirm around on me with all that lube in a massage. It would be one erotic moment
She's a beautiful lady
Love to be getting a massage with her squirming all over me with this lubricant. She's special hope she stays around a long time
Oh, oh yeya
I didn't think I could possibly adore you any more but after this film I'm cooked. You are truly an Angel in my eyes. Great editing too
I have never before felt envious of green slime... sigh... it got all over her ... appealing body... sigh....
For the first time in my life, I find myself envious of a certain green slime... sigh... it got ALL OVER her luscious body... sigh...
there aren't words to say how well I liked this....
Margot !!
What an absolutely beautiful woman !! What a thrill to see Margot in motion !! She moves every bit as well as she poses !! I think that all cameras (and us) love Margot. With Margot's beauty and her confidence, she will go to the top. I hope this is only the beginning. We need more of Margot !!! Thank You Margot, and Thank You Peter !!! Excellent work !!!
BREATHTAKING! By the side is that music from Pink Floyd (new album)?
I have one word and that's 'hot'. Very good, please continue.
My Girlfriend (22) and I (63) often use Baby Oil during our sexual play. Jessica loves being covered in oil and having her pussy filled with it as well. She is unshaven and I think this would have added to this film for me. But saying that a very good film though not to sure of the actual lube used. Sticky strands in some way distracted from the fun for me, also no finger penetration or open pussy shots. Shame about the scratch marks on her stomach and left leg. But a great film all the same.
uuummm...YEAH! well, that just made my day! totally in love/lust with this little bundle of joy!!!
How about...
A Nuru session?