Dominika C liebt American Apparel

June 2, 2015
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Sie würde in jeder Unterwäsche gut aussehen…

Wenn Sie aufwachten und sich jeden Morgen so anziehen würden, kämen Sie immer zu spät - egal wohin. Aber eins ist mal klar: dies hier ist eine amtlich sexy Art und Weise sich Unterwäsche anzuziehen und wer hätte gedacht, daß große gelbe Schlüpfer so heiß sein könnten?

Dieser kleine Intimstreifen zeigt Dominika, die genau weiß wie man Sie auf Touren bringt. Es scheint fast so, als ob diese frühmorgendliche Showeinlage exklusiv Ihnen gewidmet ist. Dominika ist in Spiellaune, abenteuerhungrig und kann nicht aufhören zu lächeln.

Das wird Ihnen im übrigen genauso gehen, nachdem Sie den Film angeschaut haben.

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Good grace lovely libia
her meatu libia is just inches from perfection. It was a moment.
I love the fact that Dominika embraces her sexy labia. It makes me shudder every time I see a "clipped" lips, it is just wrong on so many levels. It also makes me mad that girls would be embarrassed by their labia, or let stupid boys (can't be men) make them feel like they have to have them removed so they all look perfect and the same. Variety is the spice of life. That said, I could only imagine feeling those big lips wrapping around my hard cock as I slip into her perfect wet pussy.
Words cannot describe how much I love her big meaty labia. I would love to lick and suck on those for days. I would love to eat her to as many orgasms as she could stand, and drink up every drop of her amazing essence. Once I am done indulging myself on her incredible labia, I would love to learn every inch of her body with my tongue.
Oh I love her labia. I never had this is real life. Would like to make her lucky with my lips.
supreme labia
Perfect pussy flaps
Imagine those pussy petals engulfing your cock head. Wow
She needs a man!
She needs a man to penetrate her. Her lips will grip your manhood and squeeze the cum out of you.
Lucious Lips
I would kiss those lips anytime!
Once again
The fabulous miss D proves the exception to the rule - you know , the one that says "less is more" I'll humour myself with the thought that all that glistens is her arousal Damn, but it's hard to type with online hand only
Dominka and the correctly acknowledged pussy
She knows she has the interesting pussy (f prefer pussy even though there 's a view of "pussy" as vulgar)--back to Dominka--but she does not shove it in our faces and ever so politely acknowledges that she has shown it, will show it, or is showing it. I take this as meaning she believes in the rest of her magnificent formation as do I.
Crikes, how wet is she!
Dominika C Loves American Appar.
Extremely beautiful. Scenario, visage, et le reste, me rendent tellement heureux. So happy to look at this video. MERCI. Take care of you.
Dat Labia!
Love the girls with fat labia minora! Gives you something to suck on while they suck on you!
Dominika C
Dear oh Dear oh Dear....
The lovely Dominika, from her beautiful eyes to her glorious body and playful style. I always enjoy her pictures and performances as I take in her lovely breasts, near perfect body and nearly always wet pussy lips. Nice to see her again.
Love her pussy!
Yes for some meaty lips down there! Something to suck on! Please more of this!
Dominika C !!
Yeah!! Dominika is such a great girl to watch... and indeed... now I cannot stop smiling everytime I think of her ....
Hands and fingers of Dominika C
As I would want that the hands and the fingers of Dominika c were my hands and my fingers. This way I could massage her pussy as her it handles her, it touches her, it palpates her and it plays her.
This photo shoot was an excellent view & to see it come alive on film is a real delight. Dominika, I think is so beautiful when she is smiling & she just cant seem to stop during this shoot. Love this girls smiling face, she is so good to look at.
All the film Dominika C American Appareil
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Superb pussy
Dominika ist the hegre pussy she starts opening her giant labia wide...good way...go on...
Dominika C.... always so incredibly hot!
What a great film to start my day off and, of course, Dominika can jump start my day better than a strong cup of coffee. Her elegant disposition, happiness in what she is doing, and extremely high natural sexual/sensual qualities, makes her one of THE hottest models on this planet. She will remain a strong choice Hegre model of mine always. I hope we will see more of her new work here, as her past shoots and vids will forever endure in your quality erotica.
Where have you been for so long?
Perfect pussy
Aside from being elegantly beautiful Dominika has one of the most memorable pussies I have ever seen. I like all shapes and sizes. Her's is fantastic. Thanks for sharing it with us.