Dominika C and Grace Lesbian Exploration

March 6, 2018
Your ticket to Pussypalooza is here...

As Dominika and Grace enter, things seem innocent enough. Two beautiful girls exploring each other, showing why woman is the superior sexual species. And that's when the wall-to-wall labia begins.

Containing more pussy-per-pixel than any erotic film in history, this amazing Sapphic expedition is bound to leave you seeing pink for days. With nimble fingers and eager tongues, our lesbian lovers open each other so wide, there's more than enough room for your fantasies.

Yep, it's floor to ceiling vajayjay, gleaming, rubbing, and throbbing. If you're a big fan of the female sex flower, you're about to get bigger because these flowers are blossoming hungry in the sun. Welcome to Pussypalooza!

  • Runtime: 33:16 Minutes
  • Format:
    • 4K Ultra HD 2160p (1.7 GB)
    • Full HD 1080p (880 MB)
    • HD 720p (365 MB)

Members' Comments

nice flaps
pity they didnt use their tongues
So beautiful and so erotic. I absolutely loved this film. As a man, going into viewing this I never imagined watching two women could be so wonderful. Unlike some others here, I thought the subtle teasing around the genitalia was just ... wonderful. I can't think of another word. I got really aroused watching it.
could do more...
not enough pussy licking , not very lesbian like...
Should have had...
A very large dick sliding in between those magnificent labia...preferably mine!
Good stuff, nice setting, excellent photography A pity that the tongue work at min 25 was not explored further as well what was happening at the other side: 2 camera point would have been great. .
Pussy Lips
Licking pussy--blink and you'll miss it.
just great and delicious
Unesco World Heritage
Dominika's pussy lips should be declared as a Unesco World Heritage!
Suction Cups
Dominika's pussy lips are like suction cups; they suck and suck until something is bone dry.
A lot of labia fondling and caressing but not much of either of them enjoying the main course of pussy. Wanted to see more tongue action especially of Grace parting Dominika's labia lips and putting a lip lock on those wonderful wings. Could have been very tongue-de-li-icious but not so in this case. Maybe they need Charlotta to educate them in the fine art of cunnilingus. :-)
Strange recollection
Oddly, this scene reminded me of Tiny Tim singing, "Tiptoe Through the Tulips."
Geez, this is just so pleasing, but I like to see a little more exploration with the tongue or at least suck on those labia's just a tease. love the art
Wow. Nice. Extraordinary.
I think my head's gonna explode, among other things.
Pussy Galore
Wildly disappointing
I have wanted to worship Dominika's folds with my lips and tongue since the first time I saw them. So frustrating to see Grace settle for caresses with her fingers only. Next time, blindfold her, tie her hands and let her explore that with lips and tongue only.
Dominika C & Grace
Gran enfrentamiento de labia contra labia, choque de conchas que nos hace hervir el cerebro. Gran idea de Peter...
Dominika C has always been my favorite model. I haven't updated it for a long time. Now I am active again.
If Dominika ever had a pussy fart, would she take off flying?...
RE: Hmmm
Will certainly..