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Marina E
Name: Marina E
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 55kg
Height: 172cm
Born: April, 1987
Occupation: Student

Wholesome young beauty

Shy and sweet, Marina is the youngest of five sisters.

Normally such large families go one of two ways; they either all hate each other, or they remain deeply devoted for generations. Fortunately Marina is of the later of these two categories. Marina finds solace in going to church every Sunday and has been an active member of a religious dance troop for the last six years. As if that wasn’t innocent sounding enough, she also loves fruits with ice cream. She studies art in college and lives on the University campus.

With her big beautiful eyes and classic innocence Marina makes an unlikely nude model, and that is precisely why we love her so.

Marina E. ruins September 17th, 2006
Marina E
Think I'm in agreement with previous comments, shame to miss those eyes in a close-up, although I do like the classic hourglass pose Marina makes against all the straight lines of architecture. Hopefully we'll get to see more of those eyes soon ;)
Marina is absolutely BEAUTIFUL - I would have preferred more closer-up shots. I know that the brick landscape is powerful, but her beauty is lost so far away.
Marina E. ruins
I have noticed a tendency to use the architecture in the shoots in a manner that prevents a real appreciation of the model because the shot is so far away that something is lost. This shoot is a good example of what I'm trying to say.
Sandal Distraction
Even though understandable, the sandals distract from the beauty of these shots. A model's feet must protect, but there are ways to do so without placing them in sandals; especially since all the shots are static. I would suggest using leather or plastic cutouts in the approximate shape of your models feet.
Marina E. ruins
I love the way this beautiful woman looks when she smiles! Please, get up close and personal in her next gallery!
I just wish so much that there is some closeup. Seeing such beautiful women with no closeup makes me miserable.
Marina At Home July 26th, 2006
I think this is my favorite Hegre Girl. There are so many beautiful women here but this girl just does it for me in all way. PLEASE get more photos and movies of this one.
Marina has almost "The" Perfect Body porportions.. I was struck by several things in this work. Marina portrays a cold detachment of her immediate surroundings as if she doesnt belong.. Amazed on how her face and body skin is almost totally free of birth marks and blemishes.. she is nice ..very nice background setting would i like to see more of her ? Of course I would !!!... "The Photographer " definately has control of subject and content with excellent quality.. Nice work
Compelling Marina
I have to post a comment on this set. The composition is wonderful. The use of the strait and horizontal in the couch, the radiator, the posters on the wall, etc. all amplify the curvature of Marina. Her face is stunning, particularly in the 6K res. And I really like her body. The creamy smooth complexion is flawless, a great contrast to the busy setting in which see rests. OK, I really do like those small breasts; in fact Marina may be the “picture that’s worth a thousand words” in favor of the argument that for a girl who wants to be compelling to a man the projection of a positive and sensual attitude is far more important then the projection of a big pair of tits. I am compelled.
Marina beauty icon July 3rd, 2006
Very beautiful girl.
Absolute beauty in every 'department'... I would like to 'own' this beauty... Sir Stefan
marina e
I really think we are looking at the next Angela Jolie. Marina E is a natural beauty from all angles. She must be easy to photograph, hard to get a bad shot! Bravo
Marinas exquisite face
I have been photographing nude women for several years and have yet to see a face more beautiful than Marina's. She is so delicate, feminine and seductive. Fantastic job Petter!
Great Pictures
Very beautiful girl. Lots of clear sharp focus especially on the abdomen area. I also love Picture 36 because it has sharp focus on the arm. Wish there is sharp focus on different parts of body, but the randomness of the camera does get some focus on somewhere of the body.
Soft and Sharp
This is a very well done series. The soft colours of the setting work wonderfully with Marina’s eyes and skin. The out-of-focus background softens the photos even more. This is important because of the crispness of the focus and the 6K detail that is presented in the nude. Her small breasts pick up Marina’ soft youth as well, particularly where their lines are softened further by the smooth curves of her hair. But the real star of the series is Marina’s labium majora. It is only presented in about half the photos but with the same softness and crispness in combination but is always interesting. Importantly, Petter in no way makes her genitalia explicit; there are no close ups, and the labium minor remains tucked away. Her legs are never spread. Alone and closed, the majora becomes an object of lust just the same. Look at the way her shifting poses subtly shift the mound. In the 10th photo on the second page the majora suggest (incredibly) testacies! (Sorry, Marina, but it does.) In my other comments on this site I often indicate my preference for pubic hair and I tend to focus on the models’ breasts. Petter has not only enticed and excited me with this series, but has turned my usual foci on their head. And it is his combination of so many types of soft and the photographs’ sharp focus that does it.
dont know whjat to think of this wide eyed beauty.. somthing can be said of small tits and big butt i guess...
Marina beauty icon
Hello again, beautiful face - wonderful eyes - one of the top girls on this page !!!! It could have been a great shot - but unfortunately once again only 1 pic from head to feet - what a pity !!
Nice shot of the doorway
Second shot page 1. Nice shot of the doorway. Nude beauty at its best.