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Legendary Lingam Massage

June 7, 2011
Serena practices the mysteries of Tantra. She guides and he follows. He trusts her that she will take him to ecstasy.

And she does - the Tantra way. Within the candle lit space they meet and touch. Her voice comes as though from far away as she strokes him all over. As the skilful ritual goes on Serena uses her whole body to make contact. Even her flowing hair is part of the intimate sharing.

This is communication at the deepest level. No words are necessary. His pleasure swells. There comes a time - the right time - when it must reach its climax.

  • Runtime: 54:59 Minutes
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Petter, please bring back Serena. Is it possible to film her again?
without any fantasy
Sorry, at first I was surprised by the Hegre films. But this is not my idea of erotism. A bit of 'new age' music and then, endless jerking off, as if it is a 'hard job' to do. Don't you have any real erotic fantasy ?
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This one of my all-time favorite videos...what a wonderful experience it must be to simply lie back and receive such sensual caresses and knowing touch...Serena is a revelation...thank you.
Serena you have a beautiful body to see. I love to see you use the whole of your naked body to make complete skin contact. I love it. The great intensity of energy build up I like very much to see more often. It is a slow down in pace to the rush of climax. The beauty of the naked bodies in a slow build up to a complete orgasm is the great attraction for me. I love to see more videos like these extended length movies. Hope to see you work with your lips, your tong and your vagina. It will increase the tension much further.
tantra massages
Recently we see regular and frequent passionate massages. With the new masseuses Charlotta and Bara will there be the same passionate, energising intimacy as shown by Serena and Fabi in their Tantra massages video of 45 min+? Is it possible to make attractive shoots of the new Tantra Therapist Bara working with a couple like Valery and Mike or Flora and Alex to a complete Tantra experience? I do hope you will be able to bring new Tantra contributions soon.
mother goddess
The way she gives herself so abundantly is a picture of nature itself. She has a nurturing touch that looks as though it is to die for.
Serena takes intimacy to a whole new level! The way their bodies rub up and down was so sensual and beautiful. The way a man and a woman can connect with their bodies is more erotic and intimate than any video I have seen on this site. I want see more of this kind of this interaction with masseurs like Serena, Zana and the rest of the lovely cast of women that they have on this site with males models. MORE MALE/FEMALE! TRUELY LOVELY, INTIMATE AND EROTIC!
let it be
Serena indeed does now how to increase the level of arousal step by step. In massaging with the whole of her body she is a great attraction to view. The mutual interaction of the two bodies with each increasing step is best viewing pleasure. Off course I like to see more of these interactions at this level of suspense.
Tantra is Better
The point of tantra sex is to transcend the narrow limits of so-called normal sexual experience and ego boundaries and go to higher levels of bliss and consciousness. This offers deep connection with self and partner(s). I am relatively new to tantra and have experienced some tantra sex and I promise you that it is neither frustrating nor painful. In fact, I have personally experienced several "extended male orgasms" that lasted anywhere from a few minutes to about 12 minutes of intense pleasure rippling through much of my body. I did not ejaculate in any of these orgasms and I did not miss it at all. In every case, I was left with a lasting, relaxed feeling of rich satisfaction and pleasure. Plus I had no sense of feeling drained (as I do following ejaculation). I highly recommend that everyone learn more about tantra--it is completely worth the small effort to learn.
the same with the Kung Fu Massage
Not every movie has an happy end. This is an art site, which means it servs exactly that: art. And art is nothing that is "produced" for the satisfaction of someones needs. Art does not intend to "help" you wank your penis. It's simply there, standing just for itself. Hegre's massage series is so pure, unstaged, natural, full of real emotions and I adore him for this huge accomplishment. To be honest, I dont really like the films series, to much effects, grading, slomo and so forth. Iam not sure if those films are unique in the internet. Theyre exclusive, but reproducable. Hegre is definitely the only of the big hq producers (you know them) who would dare to show a one hour massage without a "happy end". He proofs his class once again showing us the real range of emotions: frustration, sadness... It is those emotions that make the masages so credible, authentic and fascinating.
I agree, you should show the guys ejaculate. What would be really cool is showing the girl's wet labia occasionally. I am sure she is getting all dripping after 40 minutes of working with a nice penis!
The whole idea of Tantra is to NOT ejaculate. This isn't about the orgasm, it's about the energy of the orgasm.
Yes I agree. The ultimate should have been his ejaculating and she lovingly caresses his penis.
i really don't get it, what was the purpose,is ejaculation bad.o.k. i get it ,tis is not a x-rated site,tis is a girl friendly site!
Legendary Torture
I am with Stever on this one. It was unbelievable for 35 or 40 minutes and then I started to squirm and it became painful to watch. I cannot imagine that level of frustration. This experience would not leave me in a state of bliss--I would have immediately gone out to my car and try to lift the bumper. (Any other viewers old enough to remember that myth?) This film is off the charts, but should have ended at about 40 minutes with a massive and very audible ejaculation. Like Stever, I believe that was the unrealized goal!
Beautiful video! The guy has a penis of very respectable dimensions, which is always good for such a production. However, I think it would have been even more pleasant if both participants had been waxed. I find the smooth look much more tasteful.
Now if we can just get two girls to do this!!!!! Much more sensual and exotic!
Beautiful video. Skin to skin we merge You breathe in as I breathe out Our organs unite Lingam Yoni The lie of duality Exposed. We are one from Tantric Haiku by Arjay Eiff
legendary lingram massage
if I was in this video, I wouldve came so many times, I dont know how he doesnt cum to her hands, and when she rubs her breasts on his penis. I wouldve major explosion here in this sexy video. I need to get me a tantra massage.
every man should experience this at least once' I am70 and I hope that I can have this just once.before i die
Best Video Yet
Peter you have truly outdone yourself. This is by far the best video I have seen.. Thank goodness I still have my membership.. I would have not lasted beyond 10 minutes with this lady.. She took him through an experience that is once in a lifetime.. You could see the pleasure he felt every minute of this experience.. Please, please, please continue to film Serena.. My only wish is that the anonymous masseuse will also film a video like this..
Love this Lingam Massage
WOW WOW every woman in the world should watch this video clip and treat their man to an erotic adventure of a fabulous Lingam Massage. This was HOT HOT HOT (But how come he didn't cum to orgasm?). Or did I miss it? :) (I don't think I did). WOW.....she teased him and massaged him to no end....I'm surprised he didn't explode at one point. This was very erotic and nice.....again, this clip and come over to my home in Texas this is something I hope to experience. :) It's wonderful when a woman takes her time with a man and teases him, massages him, and then takes him to climax. WOW once again...great clip. Thank You.
I think the whole idea of Tantra is NOT to ejaculate... to have all sorts of smaller orgasms but to keep the semen inside... I guess that is what he does here. It kind of leaves out a really exciting part of the whole thing for us viewers though. Ejaculation can be an utterly beautiful thing to see, especially capping off such an amazingly beautiful massage and stimulation of his penis.
Wrong! with respect to the goal of Tantra, there is NO goal. The idea is to enjoy the moment. So orgasm or no orgasm is fine. The point I was making is that for us voyeurs on here, then obviously orgasm and ejaculation makes for better viewing! BTW, I have had many tantric massages, so I'm speaking from experience, and also paraphrasing what the tantric masseuses have told me.
Too far too long..
Hmm. I think our expert took him to the brink so many times he eventually got oversensitive. Then when she 'went for it' (she speeded up like crazy at the end to make him come), he lost his erection as a result of being in that state - there's a fine line between esctasy and becoming sore!. If you watch the video in the light of what I said it all makes sense. Out of all the Lingam massages on here - which are high quality otherwise - only one results in ejaculation. Yes I know that that is not the supposed goal of tantric, but hey, we're voyeurs on here, we want to see the guy ejaculate!!
All revealed
Now I see what Tantra is all about and I want it. Serena is in a class of her own.
Worth a go
I don’t know whether I could hang on as long as he does but I can have a lot of fun trying.
Talk to me
She’s got such a sexy voice. I think that would push me over the edge all by itself.
Be patient
All things come to him who waits, they say. That’s dead right here.
What about me?
He must be the luckiest guy in the world. I guess I’m going to have to go find my own Serena somewheres.