Intense Gushing Orgasm Massage

June 19, 2018

Part extreme nature film, part erotic massage, part physiological adventure, this amazing footage is sure to set you on the edge of your seat. As the thunderstorms roll in, our model starts to feel the cold, but she…and everyone on set…keeps going, because they know it’s going to be legendary.

Her goose pimples show she’s externally cold, but they also indicate something deeper. Her body temperature is rising. The masseuse is warming her up. She’s beginning to soften, and her internal heat is surging. Soon, she won’t be able to hold back, and the orgasmic jolts will begin.

And when she finally loses it, the rains…from outside and inside…come hard and heavy. Nature will have her way, and we are always better for it. She gushes and gushes, and life explodes with ecstasy. Shaking and trembling, her man carries her away to warmth. All is well, with her and with us.

  • Runtime: 25:39 Minutes
  • Format:
    • 4K Ultra HD 2160p (1.3 GB)
    • Full HD 1080p (679 MB)
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Members' Comments

oh boy, thank you Marika
there's no hiding the genuine love nectar at the end, thank you Marika for sharing your moment of pleasure with us
if you want to contact me id love to talk and learn mabey send ya some gratuity for some verbal education.
too rough
way too rough, totally unnecessary. learn some proper tantric massage dude
great instruction
it was wonderful to watch how you made her cum !!! so glad I joined your programme
male models
Petter, don't your male models deserve some credit too? Why no bio for them just the girls?
Masaje del intenso orgasmo chorreante...
Es conmovedor ver como disfruta Marika de sus orgasmos, se le pone la piel de gallina en todo el cuerpo lo que demuestra que le da escalofríos de pies a cabeza, y el liquido blancuzco símil semen que se le escurre por la concha es la prueba cabal de la exitosa faena de Alex.
At least she looked at him once
During her heightened state of arousal she looked at him and seemed to take in his magnificence. Other than this she seemed instructed to try and not notice anything outside of her own body. I can understand the appeal of the structured massage session which goes into an amazing sexual experience, while we behold the beauty of the model. There is an tension that builds between the formality vs the primal experience. However they lack depth and feeling. One erotic massage done in the clinical style seems very similar to another. Got a kick out of him carrying her there and out - she was safe from the creatures that crawl on the beach.
Gushing Orgasim
Not sure that I like this.. My girl can gush like this, but I don't have to ram her like Alex did in the film. Certainly stimulate the G spot, but Alexi is too rough. Alex gets the girls off, but I can't say that I like his methods. As for the girl, she is like a mummy that awakens for the orgasm then goes away again.

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