Erotic Massage - Vol. 2

August 1, 2010

Join gorgeous Erica as she receives the ultimate pussy massage and pick up a few tips for your own repertoire.

Learn the secrets to giving an extended erotic pussy massage. Erica is teased to heightened states of pleasure over and over by her expert Tantric masseuse. And with lingering shots of skilled hands caressing Erica’s clitoris and slipping slowly in and out of Erica’s oiled, wet pussy you’ll reach new levels of viewing pleasure too.

Enjoy this ultra-hot film and feel your own pleasure rising!

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Members' Comments

Wonderful video. Erica is so calm and laid back as the massage proceeds slowly, a lesson in how to pleasure a girl and arouse her strongly, the masseuse works with fingers in her vagina while her thumb teases her clitoris. Her body must be about as beautiful as is possible and you have time to take in every detail. Erica gets visibly aroused during the last ten minutes and while there is no screaming and obvious orgasm she gives a totally satisfied and lovely smile in the final moments. A breath taking and amazing film perhaps the most beautiful ever.
I think i love to do to to my partners too much.
Erica oiled
An old girlfriend used to worked as a masseuse I was amazed when she told me how many office girls and married women she used work over like this . It really used to spice up our relationship that's for sure!
erotic massage
I wonder how this might be if a guy (a masseur) gave the same massage, with a little difference.
This massage is exactly what I am looking for to massage a women. Great sample of what to do & how.
Love Erica
This is still one of my favorite massages. I hope Erica returns for another.
Long Massage
Its good to get a massage sequence this long. Women take a lot longer than us guys to get turned on. Seeing this video gives a sense of the time it takes to really pleasure and serve a woman. The good thing about these videos is that they are not staged. The masseuses and professionals and normally work fully clothed. If you want to see them naked as well, you could watch normal porn. Then its all false with huge orgasm and groaning. Porn is nothing like reality and if you want to pleasure a woman its the last place to learn. If the masseuse is a porn star and wants to be naked as well then she probably has no idea how to give a good massage. These are real massages where the primary purpose is to give pleasure to the client. Maybe you would like to see X or Y, but then its false.
I broadly agree with the general principle expressed, but during a sexual encounter -- which, if we're honest, is what these videos present -- it seems 'unfair' that one of the couple should remain clothed when the other is nakedly exposed. If I were in an intimate sexual encounter and my partner were naked, then it wouldn't feel 'right' if I were not; and vice versa of course. As a nudist, I don't consider that all-nude encounters can be described as pornographic. In Hegre videos -- even when both giver and receiver are nude -- there is no overtly 'improper conduct' between the massage-giver and the receiver, so these situations don't degenerate into porn. Nor, if the couple involved are given clear instructions before the shoot, is there any reason why they should. Any sexual 'hanky-panky' following erotic arousal can occur 'off camera' after the video is finished. (Since this would be a natural reaction, I would be surprised if it doesn't sometimes happen). I suppose that, ultimately, what one wants to see and how one feels about what one sees, are matters of personal preference.
This professional woman taking control over Erica body is amazing, please release more massages with woman on woman. I would appreciate less music and more live sound of this and other woman touching these modes. I cannot believe how this turns me on, in fact, i cannot get enough!
Hooray for the masseuse!
I am impressed by the skill of the masseuse. It is obvious that she knows what she is doing. Being "on stage" with multiple cameras could be very distracting. Students of sensual massage should study her work even if they don't give erotic massages.
I think Erika may have the single most flawless body I have ever looked at. Her breasts are so perfect that they could be enhanced, but I am sure they are not. And those nipples? They make my mouth water. Yes, this video is a little long. I suspect that will be corrected in future films. But once to the orgasm--or near orgasm--it is pretty damn hot. Every woman is different from the next and different again from one moment to the other. Erika may have been full of trepidation this time, so let's just wait for the next opportunity to feast our eyes.
Absolutely awesome. Could you feature a G-Spot-Massage film? Or why not also an intimate male-female Massage film? There are so many ugly films on the net. So there's need for an aesthetic Hegre-Film of that kind!
The most erotic video ever produced! It displays an understanding of women through the caresses and gentle massage that can only be reached when men/women truly know what turns women on (and men of course). Peter, more of those beautiful videos please, artful but incredibly sexy erotica. Also would love to see more of those erotic girl on girl videos but again, as you do so well, erotic, and naughty, not just plain porn. Thanks, B.
Simply Wonderful
Thank you very much for the massage videos. They may not be to everyone's liking but I think they are fantastic. I admit I prefer it when only women are involved, but that is only my personal taste. It is so sensual to see such beautiful naked models so relaxed and malleable for long periods of time with the minimum of editing. Just one little query - will videos ever be available in a format other than QuickTime, or perhaps even on DVD?
I agree that I prefer when woman are involved just wish we could here less music and see more female on female messages/\.
It doesn't get much better than this. PLEASE keep it up. the massage section is the greatest, and getting better. Z
It was nice to see the whole video but there was a lot of boring and repetative parts. It could have been edited to half as long and it would have been much better.
Erica's massage
Excellent video! Will there also be a photo-shoot of this massage?
The photography, as usual, was beautiful, but there was a lack of passion - very mechanical and no apparent orgasm. Compare this to Amandine's massage in July, where her natural juices were flowing and she had a nice orgasm. The recent galleries have also been frustrating - Muriel and Suzie was just a short tease, and Anna and Muriel didn't seem to be that in to each other - they looked at the camera all the time. Compare with Olena and Marlena, where there's some real fire! They can't keep their tongues off of each others' pussies, and who can blame them?
Women don't come any sexier looking than that. However, she reminds me of a a car I once owned with ignition problems. I traded it in for a car easier to start. She's so calm you could trust her working with nitroglycerin. It was still enjoyable to view.
I totally agree, she is really a cute little girl and it's lovingly to see a full lenght video showing just one massage! But I also like to see the girl react more, showing more pleasure and - maybe - frustration in her urge to get off. And, pubic hair is never wrong... :-) I hope we get to see many more massagevideos like these, and maybe with some bound girls as well! Oh, btw, is it posisble to cut the videos in three or four parts? 1 Gb is a lot of memory space. Maybe an option where one can choose between downloading the complete video in one part, or as three or four different parts?
(I'm Not Gonna Cum,I'm Not Gonna Cum,I'm Not Gonna Cum,I'm Not Gonna Cum,) Just goes to show you;All that talk about treating women with kid gloves tenderness and shit is propaganda. You gotta pound that pussy and force that nut.Poor Maseuses she was working so hard.(I'M NOT GONNA CUM!)
Waouhh je suis volontaire pour masser les filles surtout Silvie..
After one and half hour of pussy massage and she still did not come. I think she needs a vibrator to reach orgasm...boy I wanated to help her. Still an excellent video.
Loving the finger penetration and the very real pleasure of the models. Absolutely definitely more please.
Good grief you are killing me with these films. Congrats on the new massage section it is awesome.
Erica Massage
OMG!!! So damn HOT!!!!!!
Erica F
So good to see her getting turned on, very nice film with excellent close ups of her clitoris being teased. How I would LOVE to get my tongue on that!!
Erotic Massage
This must be such an awesome experience for the models. All that attention to their pussies and for so long!