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Vika - Light House

July 5, 2005
Up We Go

Vika is a woman who is well known for having an adventurous side.

It should be no surprise to hear that during a photo shoot in Portugal she got the idea in her head to scale the walls of an old light house, completely nude! Not the type of person to ruin a girl’s fun, Petter whipped out the camera and managed to capture the whole thing of film before she made her ascent, her long slender body silhouetted against the hot summer sun.

Vika has proved yet again that sometimes girls just want to have fun.

  • Runtime: 2:39 Minutes
  • Format:
    • SD 480p (12 MB)
    • SD 360p (6.7 MB)
    • SD 240p (4.1 MB)

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Different but Good
That is one of the most amazing locations for a shoot I have ever seen! Wish I could have been there.
hot vika
Not the best...
I think Vika is hot, and the pictures from this were nice; but this video is a real disappointment. Her body is in shadow much of the time; and there's nothing resembling views such as the well-lighted side shots you have of her posing. And it's kind of boring: she just takes off her clothes, climbs partway up the ladder, goes back, and puts her clothes back on; the end. Not the best...