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Suzie: Hotel Memories

December 29, 2004
Closed Doors

Suzie is a music student from Budapest.

She makes her way playing in a student café and is used to the punishing hours of practise it requires to be a great musician. Suzie takes modelling seriously, too, another string to her bow, one might say, and in Hotel Memories she stretches her limbs like a lazy cat, twisting and turning on the bed sheets to show us a rear view, so sweet, so cute, this prize asset presents itself as if for a jolly good spanking.

Suzie is a girl who believes in discipline.

  • Runtime: 3:44 Minutes
  • Format:
    • SD 480p (17 MB)
    • SD 360p (9.5 MB)
    • SD 240p (5.8 MB)

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captivating eroticism at its finest
Hotel memories? I wish I had many more memories like this. Its just seeing her makes me forget about everything I have seen before.
Super Sexy Suzie!!!
EXCELLENT, great movie again! The ambiance of this movie works hypnotizing.. Definitely worth seeing and definitely worth 5 stars. Suzie's bum to me is one block of hormone, a massive magnet! Great work guys and thanx Suzie, hopefully we get loads to see from you at Hegre!!!
Great pick of the music!
Seductive downtempo with beautiful French lyrics.
Lovely Lady!
From her Dec. 16th Update, "Suzie in hotel room", we all know that Suzie is a beautiful young woman. The video, "Suzie: Hotel Memories" presents her as a real live person who is also simply a lovely young lady. Thank you for that, Petter! And thank you, Suzie!! Now, Petter, please do us the favor of a second video of Suzie, this time having her take all of the poses she took for her first still pictures shown in December -- with one exception. Those of her hanging from the window railing looked, to me at least, strained and unnatural. Other than that, she projects a serene, classic beauty that is breathtaking. It would be wonderful to see her actually touching, caressing and even squeezing parts of her beautiful body -- with her eyes closed or half open. Wow! A final thought, Petter. Since Suzie is a talented musician, how about taping her playing the kind of music she would like to have accompanying such a second video? Congratulations, Suzie, and thank you for sharing your beautiful self with us.
movie 94
Model and poses top, but quality unfortunately very bad!