Olivia Naked Ballerina Behind The Scenes

August 8, 2017
Olivia wants to share her routine with you…

Ballerinas are the epitome of grace, beauty, and precision. Through years of intense training they achieve levels of perfection few could dream of. And at the center of it all are their tight, trained bodies, delicate and powerful at the same time.

Olivia is what you see when you close your eyes and say, “show me the ultimate ballerina.” And in this film, you get to see her do an amazing workout on the barre, plus some photo shoot extras. She’s in her leotard a bit of the time, but mostly she’s naked, and we are loving it.

The positions she strikes are part ballet and part something else. Perhaps we should call this Hegre Dance. Beautiful and composed, with a huge splash of erotic. Yes, it’s Olivia’s own version of the Nutcracker, and you have front row seats.

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Members' Comments

A ballerina? Olivia looked 'out of place' at best, and 'ropey' on the bars, but boy did I perk up once she sat down on the sofa chair and started to relax. Outstanding final few shots!
nice to see Olivia work the poles!
Would love to hear the interaction between photographer and model instaed of this music!
Olivia Naked...
Me encanta Olivia tiene un cuerpo fibroso y prolijamente entrenado, y una vagina oferente y generosamente exhibida para placer, solaz y esparcimiento del mundo vouyeristico,
she is nice but it would be greater that she interact with ariel or charlotta in a lesbian video
Too thin
Please move away from this model body type.
Olivia is stunningly beautiful
And sexy! This was very nicely done and a refreshing change from the usual cast of characters.
Olivia's personality really shines in this video. Looks like she is having fun.
woulda been nice to see
a pregnant artistic video, saw her in the one earlier , alot of fun on that :) Love the smiles. Candid fun.
I adore you. I love you. Without you.
Welcome nice to have a new hottie
was getting bored until Oliva came along.