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Muriel Elliptical Cross Trainer

July 15, 2008
Work It Baby

At last here she is - Muriel is making her film debut for and oh what a debut this is!

Curvaceous Muriel knows just how important it is to keep in shape and in this exclusive new film you get to join her down at the gym for an all naked, all bouncing work-out!

So enjoy watching Muriel as she puts her gorgeous body through a good, hard exercise session. But be warned – Muriel’s workout is more likely to leave you out of breath and with your pulse racing…

So hot, so sexy -feel the burn Hegre style!

  • Runtime: 6:20 Minutes
  • Format:
    • HD 720p (56 MB)
    • SD 480p (36 MB)
    • SD 360p (20 MB)

Members' Comments

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Great!!! Gladly more models on the cross trainer!!!
Großartig!!! Gerne mehr Models auf dem Crosstrainer!!!
Wow,! Oh my gosh! Wow!...and could you just mention to Muriel that I'm single (Wow)! Thanks Petter.
Sexy Sweaty Workout
This is by far one of my favorite videos on I really enjoy watching Muriel drip with sweat because the workout is so physical. Her sweaty body is so irresistible to me. needs more videos like this of naked girls showing off their sweaty hot bodies.
Sweaty girls are sexy
This is one of my favorite videos because Muriel is dripping with sweat it is very erotic. I like to watch naked girls sweat from working out.
Big Boobs bouncing...
...and making me hot -- this film is great! It may have been even better with a fully shaved girl, you get to see so little of her pussy in this situation otherwise...
I so often return to this film: it is one I can watch again and again. Really love everything about it: Muriel, total nudity, bouncing tits, her dark eyes and smile. A favorite section is from 2:42 to 2:49 where we look at Muriel's bare behind from below, seeing her naked buns, butt-crack and full pink and hairy pussy lips peeking out from in front. A "Butt-n Pussy" shot, my favorite!
Wow there she is: Totally Nude Muriel! Tits are a-bouncing! Big tits! Look at 'em bounce! Wow!
Reply to Roger & Mark
I completely agree with both below and would like to raise my concerns that there have been no entries from Muriel in 2011... Will we be seeing more of her? She is, by far, the most alluring model on the site. A 'Muriel Month' is certainly called for; maybe it will persuade her to return... tm
Reply to Mark
Thanks for the comment Mark. It is indeed good to discuss with a fellow admirer of female beauty. Muriel's tits are so overwhelming, their beauty seems to grow on me, I propose a "Muriel Tits Appreciation Month" or something like that, just so they get the thanks and admiration they deserve! (And this from a devoted Butt-Man!) P.S. Love the opening of Muriel Nude Beach when we get to see her tits bounce on the way to the shore.
Muriel (of course)
Outstanding video. Big-titted, big-bunned Muriel exercising on a cross-trainer, completely nude, as is only right and proper, as girls with bountiful gifts like Muriel should, assuming they're willing, show themselves nude as much as possible. Girls love to be nude and have the joy of their nudity celebrated. But in particular, girls love to be nude when they can do so while simultaneously doing "normal" activities such as exercizing, doing work around the house, sunning themselves on the beach, etc. Assuming it was a safe environment with trusted, respected and respectful male co-workers, I venture that many sexy girls, like Muriel, would love to work in the office nude, wearing appropriate black heels, being in turn being thrilled by the attention and admiration of their nudity. Situations like these, and like the one shown in this video are perhaps, more erotic than "posed" nude sessions because the girl is free to enjoy the joy of being nude and being admired without the pressure of having to please. Everything gels so well in this film. So much is erotic: Muriel's dark eyes, great shots of her wondrous bouncing tits, her bare round sexy buns, her labia shown so well, the music and her great smiles!
Roger: Great comment. I agree completely, especially the part of your comment about Muriel wearing nothing but a black pair of heels. I have always wanted to see Muriel shown that way. I hope we see a photo set of her in an office totally nude wearing only her heels. Especially a pair of awesome pointy toed black stiletto pumps! That would be so cool! Talk about beautiful and appropriate!
Flip flops?
Great video. Made me join. Much prefer her with a landing strip than shaved. Love her hair at the end. But what's with the flip flops? Maybe she has sensitive feet. She walks on a stone beach, but needs flip flops on an elliptical machine. Oh well. Gracias Muriel!
Response to CaptainKidd
Muriel deserves no less! Glorious Muriel has consented to show us her nude beauty. Girls love attention, particularly nude girls, as they are putting all of themselves out for us. It is the least we can do to show her our appreciation in return. Taking a cue from Captain, I too partook of this "special way" of showing Muriel how much she drives me wild.
As I watched Muriel only thoughts of having sex with her ran through my mind. Since that was out of the question I masturbated and got off to this f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s woman in place of the real thing. She gave me a few moments of orgasmic bliss!!
Dialogue on Muriel
Mark: Watching this extraordinary video again just now, all I can say is what a miracle it is I get to watch at my leisure a girl as drop dead beautiful and sexy as Muriel totally nude! Again I am enthralled with her bouncing tits. Part of the appeal of this video may be that because she is engaged in something else (working out strenuously) which must occupy a fair amount of her consciousness besides posing or trying to appeal to us, she becomes more appealing to stare at. It is as if the pressure is off.
Roger: I too am a butt man and just love admiring Muriel's perfectly rounded butt. The thing that attracts you to her besides her amazing beauty is her attitude and comfort in showing herself nude. Her spirit really comes across to the viewer. One request that I hope will fulfill is my desire to see her nude in high heels. I love high heels on a nude woman and think that Muriel would look perfect in them.
Mark: I never cease thanking my lucky stars that I am allowed to look on a girl as beautiful as Muriel naked. That she willingly shows herself nude is also such a thrill. My favorite shots...there are so her eyes close up, her extraordinary full bouncing tits, and probably most of all around 1:20-1:30 when the camera swings round to show her lovely round buns and butt crack. I am a butt crack fanatic and a dark eyed girl fanatic.
Dialogue on Muriel
Roger: Thanks for the compliment. I would enjoy having intelligent dialogue on Muriel. She is one of my favorites. This is such a great debut film. It is amazing watching the body beautiful in motion exercising. I love the part when she finishes and she steps off the ellipptical, lets her hair down, stands there and lets the viewer enjoy her beautiful body. I also enjoyed her smile while she was working out letting the viewer know that even though it is a hard workout, she is having fun and enjoying herself. She is lovely.
Truly the Joy of watching the female nude is expressed in this video. Love the total nudity and love the way Hegre captures Muriel's total body beauty, beautiful face, dark eyes, and her laughter. He does not disappoint on eros with extended filming of Muriel's extraordinary bouncing tits then crescendos, as the video progresses, into excellent up-close butt and pussy looks. Outstanding!
Very well said Mark. Love her eyes, great bouncing tits and round butt! I could watch Muriel nude all day! Lets start a discussion group with intelligent comments from Muriel admirers.
Work It Baby
Wow does Muriel look fabulous working out nude! What better way to do it my dear as you have all the freedom of movement, you are completely unconstricted and you don't have to worry about sweaty exercise clothes. It is beautiful to behold the nude female form being exhibited in a physical activity like exercise. It shows off the body beautifully. And remember my darling Muriel that your hard work pays off because you look so good naked and members love seeing you nude as your body is a work of art. It is the ultimate compliment to your hard work!
If ever there was a girl who SHOULD show herself all naked it is sex-bomb Muriel! From her big full bouncing tits to her "fuck-me" round big ass to her oh-so-sweet unshaved pussy this is girl is out of this world!! Good girl Muriel and thank you for showing yourself all nude to us!
Oh yes Muriel: I want you! Oh Hegre, where do you find these girls! Muriel is just too much: dark-eyed beauty, wanting looks, full bouncing tits, oh so sexy round bare buns with pouty pussy lips below! All naked for our enjoyment!
Muriel elliptical cross trainer.
I agree with all of the above!
Muriel Workout
This was very erotic. The genuine sweat on her skin and the panting from the effort of the workout was excellent. The only other thing I really wanted to see was her wash all the sweat off her glowing skin with a sudden gush of ice-cold water, and to hear her gasp at the exhilarating shock of the experience!
Constructive criticism
I don't want to complain but 6 minutes and 20 seconds is just not long enough
i looooove this model!!!!!! when are we getting galleries??? we need like 100 at least. can't wait! let me know please.
For the upcoming photo series, I suggest that Muriel cover her figura divina with massage oil. And for added effect, why not pair her with one of the other Hegre models (perhaps one who is also bisexual)??? Given that Muriel is Argentine, she could show her friend how to tango.
MURIEL IS SOOO YUMMY! A sensual treat. "Muriel, I tell you: I want you."
MURIEL IS SOOO YUMMY! A sensual treat. "Muriel, te digo: Te deseo."
That flush and panting from the physical exertion towards the end is so incredibly sexy...
so so hot,muriel is fantastic.
Muriel is so hot. Now lets see the gallery!!!!
I want you all right... Once now, twice in the evening...
What a body. She is an instant star!
Gorgeous. She can sweat all over me anytime.
Muriel working out!
Looks like Muriel is going to work out well!! From what we can see anyway! What is to come? This is but a snippety foretaste of erotic luxury, bring it on I say!!!