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Fabi gone with the wind

November 23, 2004
Cooling Off

Fabi caught in a hurricane gale still manages to keep her cool and look, well, fabulous, chic and sexy in Gone With The Wind, an Oscar winner if ever there was one.

What Hegre is doing with a wind machine in his new Paris studio is anyone's guess, but it certainly stiffened Fabi's pert nipples and sent ripples of goose bumps over her satiny bronze skin. This is Fabi's first film with Hegre-Archives and we can't wait to see the follow up.

How about putting her in a hot bath next time, Mr Hegre!

  • Runtime: 4:37 Minutes
  • Format:
    • SD 480p (21 MB)
    • SD 360p (12 MB)
    • SD 240p (7.2 MB)

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A true beauty
A really good film, this is how I like them, and Fabi is simply beautifull, she has a great body (love her bottoms). More please?
Not just another photo shoot!
I love Fabi, of course, she's amazing (what a body!). But what I'd really like to highlight is that she's posing and moving for the *video camera* in this film ... it is *not* just a taped version of a photo shoot like many others. More like this! Very, very sexy.
Fabi, aerodynamic eroticism !
Oh to be the fan blown air caressing every centimeter of those sleek, streamlined curves, gliding across her soft golden skin, dancing across the goosebumps on taut, finely muscled buttocks, accelerating across her flat stomach to the inviting, undulating landscape of her firm, pert breasts, pausing to circle her stiffening nipples before dissipating across the graceful line of her shoulder ... desparately attempting to join the draft back to the wind machine for another wonderful journey across the magical form that is Fabi.
It Just Keeps on Getting Better
Fabi is one of the best models of a great group! She has a wonderful sensuous nature and a great body. I loved the film. More Please. More.
i love the film
Fabi ...
she is just gorgeous, I loved her smile...
Peter, sometimes when you make a movie you make it as a series of shots. You are a superb still photographer. I for one would like to see better continuity in movies.