Emily All American Star

December 17, 2013
Internal Convulsions

Watch an orgasm from the inside.

From the opening dream like sequence to the final scene of Emily curled up in a post orgasmic ball of joy, this film is something special. But it’s what happens after 11mins 45secs that makes it truly unique.

Watch closely and you’ll see her internal muscles convulsing out of control.

This is a rare glimpse of the female body at the very moment of climax. And it’s simply unmissable.

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Members' Comments

That's Special
More acting please
Great video. But would like to see some full on action like seeing her screaming and show off greater array of emotions. Maybe incorporate more props. Would love to see her bathed in cum (fake or real, doesn't matter - so long as I can't tell)
Clean bikini
At 4:30-4:35, too many spots on her bikini crotch.. natural, but maybe less potting next time
Her twitching leg combined with that little grin...so awesomely subtle yet powerful.
que de belles etoiles
More Bush Babes Please
Hairy is Sexy, shaved is not
so sublime
Emily. So sublime.
Emily is so real, and such an amazing person, that falling in love with her is impossible to resist. She also manifests a wonderfully natural, healthy, and fun filled attitude toward her sensuality. She manages to somehow balance pure innocence with wanton sexuality. She is a most extraordinary woman.
She fingers her wet pussy
Great video, i like the way she fingers her wet pussy
luv this girl so stunning so cute need more of her
Glorious Extasy Moment
I think that Emily All American Star is the best video of all. Emily is very sensual, she seems to taste every second of her sexual pleasure in this video. Her pretty pink and wet pussy invite me to touch my one pussy and to follow her in her masturbation time. I smelt her juice , I would like to taste the juice of her pussy....I am dreaming to touch her pussy and take some drip of her juice and mixe with my one juice to masturbate myself together with her. I masturbated myself all long the duration of the video. My fingers were very wet and my pussy was in a red colour of excitaion like her ...I orgasmed very hard at the exact time she orgasmed and with a sound which describes the joy I had. Emily you are so pretty, so sexy, so desirable ....you make be come two times this morning!! Thank you a lot ....ah... thank you a lot Emily. Emily
Great Erotic Model job. Very inspiring work! I'm speechless.
Amazing eyes, lovely soft hair and pale skin, and an unforgettable pussy, this goddess drive me to the heaven every time I look at her. A fantastic sweet and hot film.
A few morning each week I synchronise myself to explose at the same Time... Extremely sensual
Emily ist so cute. what a perfect pussy - slightly wet. I would love to lick her
Major WOW moment here!!!
BRAVO! This is your best and most erotic film yet!
Unbelievably wonderful!!!
Strange mix,,,,,
Emily`s exterior looks like low teen girls` one and which does`t turned me on, but her interior with love juice certainly turned me on.
Emily -All American girl
Sensually attractive, but I much prefer the erotic charge generated by human-human (F/F or M/F) interaction.