Dominika C Wings of Love

August 7, 2018
Let her “wings” flap into your soul…

Dominika C is what you might call a “special bird.” She has the most beautiful “wings.” And while you might have seen wings on birds and bees, or even on an “angel” or two, you’ve never seen wings like those on Dominika C.

But this film is going to show them to you. As the footage unfolds in sensuous slow motion, you get to watch Dominika show off her tight black unitard. Which, like Dominika herself, has a secret – it’s crotchless.

And as the camera zooms in, you catch a glimpse of them – Dominika’s gorgeous “wings.” They’re flapping in the air of the on-set fan. They’re pink and fleshy and delicious. Let them carry you away.

  • Runtime: 14:58 Minutes
  • Format:
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Members' Comments

Inevitably, Dominika's lips get so much attention. But this film manages to show that she is a stunning beauty from head to toe. Her strong arms and back, her firm, well-shaped legs, and her torso all come together to show a strong, feminine, sexy woman. Truly, a beautiful sight to behold. Terrific video, and extra kudos to Dominika, it must have been cold to stand in front of a fan for so long!
Amor/osas Alas ***
*** Dominika Siempre me Impresionó..., ¡con su Extraordinaria Anatomía Genito-Vaginal incluída! Es Preciosa Mujer en su Conjunto y con una Simpatía gestual que la hace Superatractiva, Única. Son años de verla y admirarla ; cada nuevo trabajo suyo, de la mano & cámaras del Maestro Peter, es una Nueva Creación [Y Es@s "Flaps" de Esta Mujer, Amigos...!!!].
wow what can I say perfection yum
Dominika C, is getting even more sensual and beautiful as time goes on. She is amazing !
Quite simply, Dominika is a Goddess and should be worshipped. Dominika, I am not obsessed, you are just a Honey. XX
Quand un minou joue au papillon on s'en lèche les lèvres
Les ventilateurs aident tellement bien les papillons à ouvrir leurs ailes et à les faire battre dans le vent qu'on a envie de les caresser avant qu'ils ne s'envolent!
needs good depilation
Nice idea, but the skin next to the wings is not attractive. She should invest in professional laser depilation.
RE: needs good depilation
Coincido con usted, ya lo señale en un posteo que no me publicaron, tiene una dermatitis aguda producto de depilarse con cera ordinaria, o afeitarse con maquinitas descartables..
Very erotic. I wonder who thought of the fan treatment.
No woman wants to be known for a single body part. But don't worry Dominika, we love all of you. You are wonderful, personality as well. I plan to applaud your gorgeous wings in the way they deserve.
RE: Thirsty
what he said!
European custom
It's a European custom to clap for your own performance, isn't it? That's OK. I'm clapping, too.
Those lips could save the world.
Dominika C las alas de la paloma 2
Me impresiona la dermatitis de la querida Nika en su zona púbica, debería suspender por un buen tiempo su depilación y/o afeitado.
Her lips (labia) appear to want to gobble you up. They could be used as a wrap up fuck.
fantastic butterfly!
bien envi d y glisser ma queue
Would love to smell that butterfly!!
I see some potential of aerodynamic optimization ;)
flying lips
how pretty are these flying lips, and so erotic. You dream to slip your fingers or tongue between them and kiss them. You are délicious Dominika
Dominika C. Come fly with me!
Exquisitely Erotic! Not just paying lip service!
love her
yes! more dominika