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Dasha On the Terrace

October 10, 2006
Welcome Home!

Try and picture this; youve just finished a long day of work, you park your car at the end of a long commute, walk up to the front porch, and find Dasha there waiting for you.

Who wouldnt want to come home to this raven haired beauty as she gives you that special crooked welcoming smile, a black and white sun dress tied loosely around her neck, and long slender legs glowing in the evening light?

But this is no ordinary home coming, oh no, Dasha intends to make sure you are good and relaxed by performing a little strip tease right there at the front door!

With plenty of amble curves and her own special way of moving to the rhythm, Dasha knows just how to make a man feel welcome. This the kind of homecoming you wont soon forget.

  • Runtime: 4 Minutes
  • Format:
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Lovely, Lovely, Lovely. Dasha displays sensuality, grace, intelligence, spirit.
This very pretty has a perfect body and a flirtatious look in addition to firm breasts and round buttocks without signs of cellulite or anything ... I did not see her lips well but I think she has them pink, in short a goddess!
esta muy linda tiene un cuerpo perfecto y una mirada coqueta ademas de unos senos firmes y nalgas redondas sin indicios de celulitis ni le vi bien los labios pero creo q los tiene rosados,en resumen una diosa!!!
There's something very Monroe-esk about Dasha's pose at 2:43, could this be an example of reincarnation?? ;-)
Beautyful body, beautyful hair, beautyful smile. Thank you for this godess beeing down here on earth
Dasha BAareda
Very nice...she has all of the right stuff in all of the right places! Her booty is incredible given all her other excellent curves
Dasha on the Terrace
Beautiful and naturally talented, Dasha has me stumbling all over my keyboard searching for the words to describe my delight. All I can think of is BRAVO!!!! Hawkeye - Texas
Very nice...she has all of the right stuff in all of the right places! Her flat belly is incredible given all her other excellent hour glass curves.
Thank you for doing another film with Dasha. Ever since I saw her in the palace film it only left me wanting to see her more clearly. I wanted to be able to see her in a film that shows off her beautiful-curvy butt. And lo and behold here it is. Well done.
Dasha on the terrace
I really love this movie. I think Dasha is an extraordinary model. She is so womanly woman. She has so many perfect curves that it is a real pleasure to watch her move her body and her face is so lovely. She was stunning in the palace movie but in this one she gives a bit more fun which makes her more attractive. Thanks for the great job and I hope we will see more of Dasha, she's a queen !
Great video
Wow, I really like and I like her even more after this video. She seems so natural, easy in front of the camera. Wonderful model !