Darina L and Lola Sexy Styling

May 5, 2015
Private Play

What really happens when girls get together?

The girls are getting ready to go out. And you’re about to see what really happens in those private moments. This is behind-the-scenes footage you’ve always wanted to see.

They pop the corks and the champagne flows. They start to apply make-up and style each other’s hair. As the bubbles start to work their magic, the girls become more and more mischievous.

From an interesting use for a hairdryer to some very sexy selfies, this is a girly makeover session you have to see.

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Members' Comments

I would like to be the sandwich filing between these two lovelies.
Hey, nice tank tops. I like to get one of those.
Daring and Lola
Two much to hope for. No, I did not misspell too. Think of It!
Make-up scenes
Always a joy to view the ladies with their lipstick and the likes putting on the style. A charming video,and they had fun.
Darina L and Lola
Wow sexy sexy girls and don't they know it.
hotter than hot, best Ladies here by Hegre
Both are so nice, hope to see them in full intimacy, I have the feeling they like to be together playing.
Ménage à trois?
Wow, very very beautiful girls! I love them both very much. I cannot choose, so I prefer a ménage à trois with them both, that's the best……
Erotica at its best. Extremely stimulating and titilating.
I think this video would be better without music, just listen to the girls interacting with each other
darina and lola sexy styling
nice; sweet
are you girls old enough to drink? lol (maybe next we can see you smudge each other's lipstick! hehehe