Cameron Nude Photo Shoot

August 29, 2017
The personal side of a professional shoot…

One of the great things about is you get to see both sides of a photoshoot – the professional and the personal. In the photos you actually see, you have the professional – huge, crisp, perfectly shot images of incredibly gorgeous girls.

But in the films, you get to see another side – the private, personal experience that a photoshoot can be. It’s like getting to peek inside someone’s house to get to see how they really live. But this time, it’s Petter working closely with a beautiful naked model.

The thrill cannot be denied. Take this film, for instance. Cameron – an undeniably stunning young lady – moves around with Petter in search of the perfect shot – in the mirror, in the bed, in the tub, she bends and poses and stretches. And you’re there for every subtle move and gesture.

Step into a private world you could previously only imagine. Petter and his model of the moment spinning their magic. It truly completes the picture.

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Members' Comments

So cute !
More please !
only one video?
this is amazing I NEED MORE
one of the most gorgeous model
Petter, book Cameron to go to Ibiza for filming similar to the one for Alisa which is very uplifting and enjoyable to watch.
Thank you for this! And, thank you for Cameron!
Great work. More BTS please
It's great to watch the process of 2 great talents working together. Makes me appreciate the final product even more because by observing the process, the reality and authenticity come through. And in this world of polished and post-processed images, the more authentic and beautiful nature of your work stands out. More BTS video please.
one of the best BTS
I enjoy the interaction between the photographer and model. Good stuff.
Camerón es una hembra muy caliente que se entrega sin cortapisa alguna a la exigencias de Peter, y de su cámara, y a medida que avanza la sesión ella esta dispuesta a darlo todo, seguramente tendremos pronto alguna soprpresa que nos dejara atónitos por su audacia..
Edible, and very fuckable indeed. :-)
Oh. My. God.
As a lover or brunettes, Cameron is easily one of my favorite models on this site. Darina is the queen, but Cameron is right there. The most beautiful face on Hegre with an absolutely killer body. I am so glad for the video but I wish that Peter would give her the Ariel treatment and shoot her more and more. Her smile, her hair... wow.
Cameron Cameron Cameron
ahhh geez this woman is amazing ... CAMERON ROCKS
Simply gorgeous and man what a smile. I loved the way her largish breasts jiggled as she move. So sensual, so sexy
Cameron is easily on of the most beautiful models on this site and a video of her is long overdue. It's great to see a BTS video of her, hopefully we'll also see some full feature videos of her like the ones of other Hegre stars!!!!!
She is so fuckable!
Cameron cameo!
Beautiful! Great to see the shoot, the smiles and the personalities behind the scenes.