Anya Backstage Photo Pass

August 22, 2017
She’s a sensation in leather and lace…

Anya definitely has that special something that makes for a great erotic model. She’s super petite, giving her the air of a fashion icon. Her posing is serious and evocative. And she really seems to be into it…you can tell that it turns her on to turn you on.

In this film, you really get to move in close to watch Anya strut her stuff. Petter spends his time moving around on the floor and getting all the good shots, but the star is our sensation in leather and lace. As she works each outfit, you see her find what she’s looking for – the perfect pose.

Not only is this footage a great up-close experience of the erotic photography dance, but it’s an awesome ride into Anya’s world. With her incredible body and gorgeous looks, she’s already top of her class. But with the clothes and poses she puts on here, she’s graduated to a whole new level of amazing.

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Members' Comments

As is often the case, I'm in the minority, here! Anya just doesn't do it for me!
I hadn't paid much attention to Anya on this site but this video made me love her. Graceful, feline beauty with a gorgeous face and unrivaled ass. I am going to go back and look at all her posts. What a woman!
Anya definitely has an extremely sexy ass and equally sexy small breasts and nipples. I would love it if Anya masturbated and had powerful orgasms on video
I was in love with Anya since the first time you made some photos with her. Please bring her back! Would it be possible to do a massafe video with her?
Superbe !
Anya has such a fantastic ass - muscular and beautifully shaped. It would complete the erotic scene to have a closeup study from behind showing her petite labia and perfect anus that we get a brief glimpse of as she moves in this vid.
She's growing on me
She seems to be getting better as time goes along :)
I hope she comes back
why no repeat a sensual sex massage whit Charlotta?
I love her petite breasts