A Day In The Life Of Zaya

September 11, 2018
Follow your dream girl through Phuket

Zaya hails from cold Siberia, so the chance to go to tropical Thailand with Hegre was a dream come true for her. And now you can follow her in that dream from waking to sleeping as she goes through her day in Phuket. And at the end, you can enjoy a capper interview and learn more about her adventurous “far from home” spirit.

The film starts as she stirs from her slumbers. Then it’s yoga, shaving, a bath, and breakfast. Next, it’s onto the motorbike and off to the beach for some skinny dipping and amazing glow-stick twirling. Next, she hits the town, enjoys the sights, and even does some pole dancing. Finally, back home and into bed.

Naked through much of the film, when you’re through watching you’ll feel intensely close to Zaya. She just has that ability to draw you in and make you feel wanted. And the closer you get, the more you realize this woman has it all – a bright smile, an incredible body, and a captivating openness to life. Come spend a perfect day with Zaya in Phuket!

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Members' Comments

Great feature length film
This was a great film. We need some more details on this film series. When will the next film be? Who is the cinematographer/interviewer? The model in the film is really amazing. Her smile is infectious, and her body is truly incredible. When are you going to get her into the studio for a shoot?
More X2
Please, please more of Zaya
How about more?
Really something refreshing here as compared to studio shoot videos and orgasm indusing massages. The site was overloaded a bit too much of all that for a while... so much that I had almost stopped logging in. And suddenly seeing this is such a pleasant surprise. Keep up the great work guys... ✌
I guess I am a "dirty-old-man" - I really enjoyed watching Zaya sitting perkily on the toilet - such a cute and trim body showing an intimated moment. I like being a dirty-old-man....
Un día en la vida de Zaya.-
La película es magnifica, y Zaya es una de las criaturas más hermosa que yo haya visto en mi vida. Un rostro único, fresca, atrevida,con una sonrisa compradora. La incorporación más rutilante en años a la página, me pongo de pie para aplaudirla...
What a wonderous concept for a film. Though I often have a short attention span for recorded media, I found myself riveted to my screen for every second. I was enthralled by the unveiling of every moment of intimacy, the revealing of each secret glimpse. And the joyous beauty of her dancing, on the beach at night - half-lit by neon, almost brought tears. Bravo.
led device
What do they call that thing? It is cool.
Strange, just a film but no photo set. Oh, nothing against this video!!!
Very cool Idea!
Wow! I was always hoping for some real behind-the-scenes-like footage at some point. Not only that it was really uncut, I also havent seen something like this anywhere else! Great new format if you ask me. thanks a lot to both of you! I only turned on my PC to see whats up this week and then watched almost the whole, until I had to go. 500THB is a hell of a price for a beer by the way :-)
I read PHUKET and I immediately think of Luba and You.
Not sure why that is ;)
Peter you outdone yourself Wow what a beauty