A Personal Retreat

by Zana November 03 | 2010

A Personal Retreat

You might have been wondering what it is like to be a Tantric Goddess...

A Goddess nurtures herself, and through herself nurtures and heals others.

She is connected to herself, looks after herself and others.

As a Tantric Goddess I feel it is time for introspection. It is time for nourishing my Divine being in the form of a private retreat.

I have decided to go away and foster myself for a while, so I can transmit and share the love, joy and peace with you all in the new year.

And what happens in the meantime? Who is going to welcome you in our Tantric Temple?

Voila! Don't think you will be abandoned!

It is a real pleasure to introduce Luna and Maya, my new sweet Sister Goddesses.

Luna with extensive massage therapy and yoga experience, Maya with a natural flair and spirit are going to assist you in your Tantric journey.

Goddesses Luna and Maya are offering two and three hour tantric massage sessions and four hands tantra massages for men and women. Couples are also welcome.

I wish you enriching and divine experiences in our Tantric Temple in Sitges.