A Weekful of Love and Sexercises

by Fabi May 21 | 2012

A Weekful of Love and Sexercises

I just can't stop thinking about all the interesting people I have been meeting at the Temple. There have been so many ecstatic states, so much sexual energy and so much love and bliss. It has shown me all over again how the power of sexuality brings transformations in everyday life, including intense orgasms.

That is why I really love my life and my sessions in the Temple! I could feel the difference before and after in each person. Their sparking eyes revealed the happiness of the real individual inside. You could almost touch that happiness, it was so strongly there. A better love life makes all of life better.

I feel every day that with Tantra skills I can share my knowledge and love to make this world a better place. I know that during this last week couples and singles went home and spread love and confidence where they live. They had learned the secret of living in the experience of each moment!

With my new programmes and a selection of new massages I have a marvellous array of things that it is possible to do. I can respond to a whole world of diverse sexuality and personal needs. Every touch is unique and so different from every other.

Thank you to everybody I touched and shared with. I will never forget all the different feelings we enjoyed. And thank you for the trust I received from each one of you!
I’d like us all to meet up again - I would love to see those changes!

Love is God.

With tender hugs
Fabi Jaya