Tania Profile

Name: Tania
Country: France
Weight: 52kg
Height: 174cm
Age: 25
Occupation: Healthcare

Slender, sleek and graceful

Like the cheetah hunting her prey, Tania has a need for speed. As a passionate biker and racing car enthusiast, she likes nothing more than to feel a powerful machine between her legs.

The 25 year old from France studied Asian culture, enjoying the rich history of art, literature, food and music that make up this diverse part of the world.

Tania is also an animal lover and environmentalist. She believes we all have a responsibility to look after the planet and care for all the creatures living on it. From global warming to green energy, from deforestation to overfishing, Tania likes to get involved and to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

And like the big cats she loves, Tania is sleek, slender and beautiful – with intense, piercing green eyes. Just be warned, this super cat may look cute. But when you go to stroke her, she might just bite!

Tania hard body April 21st, 2016
sexy armpit hair
It's always nice to find a model with a small amount of pubic hair and armpit hair. Tania shows off her hairy armpits about a dozen times in this gallery. They are quite arousing paired with her unshaven anus. Tania also has a nice stubble bush it's very rough and bold. Please add more galleries such as this in which the model has hairy armpits. I'd love to see Tania after going without shaving anything for more than a week or two.
Beautiful model. just too hairy for my taste.
Very lovely body - from her feet upwards!!! I really enjoyed the variety of poses and I very much enjoyed being able to see her exposed body from the various angles. It was nice to see her long soles. She's one delicious woman!
she is my new favorite model
Toujours un vrai plaisir de voir d'aussi jolie modèle Francaise :)
Tania studio nudes January 20th, 2016
Super beautifull face
A Young mature model, gorgeous, sensual, lovely.
Tania high key nudes October 1st, 2015
More Tania...
More Tania, and more free flowing and open poses like this. This is definitely THE Hegre style that sets the erotica bar high and keeps me coming back for more. Tania expresses her true passion so beautifully here. Nice going....
Nicer and nicer, on the right way for a great shoot
Tania naked athlete August 26th, 2015
this looks promising! do we get a naked gymnastics video too?
Tania red hot July 22nd, 2015
Hairy butt hole, yikes.
Is she trying to start a new trend? I sure don't like it. Please shave it all.
RE: Hairy butt hole, yikes.
how do you even see from that far away???
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