Katya Profile

Name: Katya
Country: Russia
Weight: 48kg
Height: 169cm
Age: 23
Occupation: Model

Madame Bovary Reborn

There is a species of female who, while she drives you crazy, you just want to reach out and shelter her from the storm.

MEET KATYA, a teen fantasy girl, the femme fatale-in-waiting, so sensual you can't believe your eyes, so spontaneous you must be dreaming. Yet such a tease you want to put her over your knee and give her a jolly good smack.

But it's just an act. Far from being a mere babe in the woods, after Katya made her début in a Hegre book, the news spread through her hometown and now she can't walk down the street without being mobbed by screaming fans and eager shutter bugs. Fame embraced Katya like a mink coat. The model contracts started piling up and those stunning cat's eyes can be seen peering from the pages of magazines everywhere.

Katya is a happening girl and she happened first at Hegre.com.

Katya tied up June 8th, 2003
Does Katya like it? I love the last photos of her intimity
Katya stretching May 23rd, 2003
Stunningly gorgeous face, nipples to die for, and sweet little labia to lick. Wow!
RE: Photo number 16
Fantastic beauty
Katya shaving April 8th, 2003
be careful
Be careful, sweetheart, don't knick those luscious lips
Katyas girlfrend March 29th, 2003
Ye Ye :D
Very lovely set, full of love. Sure Petter has taken much more intimate moments. Many thanks
Katias girlfrend
Love is beautiful.
Katya on red silk January 4th, 2003
Unforgettable eyes!
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