Tatiane Profile

Name: Tatiane
Country: Brazil
Weight: 55kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 18
Occupation: College Student

Proud and Ambitious

To describe most 18 year old girls as wonderful is plain overstatement.

IN TATIANE’S case, it is the perfect word. She comes from the poor quarters of Sao Paulo in Brazil and from the age of 14 worked with her mother selling tablecloths in the street to tourists. The hard times made Tatiane's smile rare, but it also made her resilient and ambitious.

Tatiane went back to selling tablecloths from dawn till dusk. She saved the money she didn't give her mother. As soon as she had enough, she found a photographer and with her modest portfolio started contacting photographers all over the world. A few months before her 18th birthday, she got an invitation for two months work in Amsterdam. It was a dream come true.

With her rare smile, vibrant personality and gritty determination, Tatiane is a real Hegre Girl.

Tatiane - Private Life November 14th, 2006
"I love to be naked for you!!!"
LOL!!! Thank God for that???Robert? "EVEN"???!!!I would say that that's one of the MORE erotic things!!!
Tatiane even manages to make shaving look erotic!
Wonderful Tatiane April 26th, 2005
My Soft Dark Wild Cat, Tatiane
Those eyes! Those breasts! That smile! Tatiane you are a sweet breathing poem with the pure natural beauty of a puma--or any soft dark wild cat...love you baby. (And nice job Petre--would've given this one 5 stars if it were a bit longer) Encore!
This old captain has had a lot of ass in his day and so I can tell that Tatiane would be a perfect piece of ass!
Tatiane chocolate girl October 1st, 2004
If a smile from Tatiane is rare, I'm very glad you got her to smile. She could light up a room with her smile. And even though her galleries give me so many other reasons to smile, just one picture of her smiling is enough.
Tatiane first session September 21st, 2004
This girl is so sexy hot I cant beleive it. That face and those perfect breasts. Am totally amazed this girl gets so few comments. Keep those pictures cummin.
Yellow flower and lamp September 7th, 2004
Just discovered this girl's film while prowling the website-so checked out the shoots to see about the lamp-sheesh-weird, kinky but she seems to be a hoot, almost too much fun for an older guy {not that I wouldn't give her my best shot)
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