Sylwia Profile

Name: Sylwia
Country: Poland
Weight: 53kg
Height: 176cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Catwalk Model

Perfection Personified

Where do we begin?

SYLWIA HAS such a perfect bust and such perfect proportions, when Petter Hegre spoke to her agent in Poland and asked if she may have been surgically enhanced her agent said no, no, no, and assured him that Sylwia is for real. But her hair, surely…? No, no, no. Well, the photographs speak for themselves.

Already at 22, she has appeared in major campaigns for magazines and on catwalks all over Europe. At present she has no desire to live in Paris or Milan, and likes to get back home to her family and familiar haunts when her modeling assignments are over. She is most content working in Warsaw with her best friend Dominika.

With her beautiful, long slim figure, a stunning smile, and a trip to New York hovering on the horizon, it is hard to imagine that Sylwia will stay in Poland forever.

Sylwia after a bath April 25th, 2005
now, sylwia is one of the most beautiful models of this site
Sylwia reflections February 10th, 2005
RE: Photo number 36
Wow! Long lines and big curves and a fente precieuse et timide.
she is gorgeous
Sylwia and Dominika in bed November 4th, 2004
black and blonde; just lovely breasts and teasing tushes
A Lovely pair... Sylwia also has a 'lovely pair'...
Sylwia in bed May 5th, 2004
Well, I'm 4 years late on this note, but......she is absolutely gorgeus. Will she ever come back??????
Dominika and Sylwia smoking April 22nd, 2004
Smoking is disgusting and they look idiotic doing it.
longing faces, touching titties and moving bottoms; just great
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