Marika Perfil

Nombre: Marika
País: Rusia
Peso: 49kg
Altura: 172cm
Edad: 18
Ocupación: Estudiante

Sueños románticos

Hay música que es para escuchar y hay cosas que son música para tus ojos. Marika ofrece ambos tipos en abundancia.

En la actualidad estudia música en la Universidad de Moscú y a eso se quiere dedicar. Marika se ve cantando para el mundo. Nostalgia y romance son su estilo. Van con su temperamento ruso, típicamente apasionado. Marika tiene el alma y la personalidad para expresar emociones así de vívidas a través del canto. Cree en experimentar la vida de la manera más intensa posible.

A sus 18 años se ha adentrado en los placeres cosmopolitas de Moscú. Sofisticada y segura de sí misma, está lista para todo. Su lema es "la vida es corta - vívelo todo".

Ahora sus ambiciones se extienden fuera de su Rusia natal. Marika es una cantante que no debe perderse de vista.

Marika desnudos azules January 17th, 2016
agree with Jantje
so good to see some bush on this site!
...does it for me. Great photo, pretty face, pleasant expression. Laying down photos are challenging. 41 and 42 have the legs and feet in them which completes the expected visual line of the body in a two dimensional image. If no feet then just looks like just a torso with a head. ;)
Blue Beauty
Viewing Marika's colorful photo set definitely has me singing the blues, yet I feel totally uplifted. Amazing!
Nice Hair
Beautiful, a lady with hair again.
Marika rusa oscura October 16th, 2015
Perfect Girl
What a beatyful eyes and what a perfect body, I could marry her if she ask me to within 15 minutes
она должна брить
Добро пожаловать назад Марика!
Always a delight to behold MARIKA au naturel. She's a welcome breath of fresh air with her sunny smile. And I luv her pubic thatch! SO SEXY!!!
Wunderschöner Nackedei, mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...
Добро пожаловать назад Марика!!!
Марика. MARIKA. A sweetly beautiful, delightful Woman who stands out in this photo series like a latter day Afrodite.
Marika desnudos September 11th, 2015
Super nice
I got you, in the picture 89 finally see you smiling, just take a look at the difference, an angel smiling is much more beautiful than just an angel
Marika nudes
L'origine du monde. Courbet soumis à rude concurrence ! If I were Courbet, you are my model.
Thank's Marika
For offering us a natural unshave pussy. At last. May other models do the same.
A wonderfull woman! Not shy, not vulgar. Please don't shave her.
what to say that has not already been said? PERFECTION PERSONIFIED!!!
Marika among the top
You are, Marika a very pretty naturally sensual younglady. I just had a great pleasure to discover you. I'm among your fans.
MARIKA! MARIKA! MARIKA! (au naturel)
Simply put, MARIKA bespeaks perfection topped with a lovely pubic thatch.
Marika brillantemente sexy September 25th, 2013
gotta say it, once again...VIDEO PLEASE!!!
Nice Girl
Even with her good morning face, she is beautifull and the serie is very nice, is good to look this girls with very few make up.
I'd love to see MARIKA in an extensive photo (& video) series with MIKE, in which both their fully nude bodies are well-oiled. (Let them play and frolic together libres de la tirania de la ropa.)
Marika 18 años August 31st, 2013
tired of all these shaved models, let's have some nature coming!
Sexy Eyes
Marika has lovely hair and cherry blossom skin tones. This delightful girl has such a fragrant presence, I imagine she farts rose petals...
what else is there to say? STUNNING!!!
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