Olesya Profile

Name: Olesya
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 54kg
Height: 180cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Ballet Dancer

Demure. Graceful. Reserved.

Classy is the first word that comes to mind when you see Olesya.

GRACEFUL. Reserved. The adjectives slip like honey quickly from the tongue, all suitable and yet none quite pinning her down. Olesya is that obscure object of desire captured like a spectral fantasy by the Hegre camera in portraits so haunting you may wonder if you have fallen asleep and are dreaming of an angel.

At 22, she is new to nude modeling and continues to pursue her career in ballet. Olesya has been dancing since the age of six and has performed both in the company and as the prima ballerina at the Ukraine State Ballet. Ballet is probably the most demanding pursuit there is and, when she isn't practising her art, she enjoys modern dance with its different rhythms and demands.

Almost 500 photographs of the Kiev ballerina appeared on Hegre.com during Olesya Week in a gallery of ultimate erotica.

Olesya framed April 17th, 2005
Oh my goodness... (or goddess would be more actuate!) In my humble opinion Olesya is close to perfect! Beautiful face, wonderful body, well... Just perfect. Thank you :)
Olesya pearl girl August 19th, 2004
a girl directly likned to my dream last night:-)
beautiful,....please show more of her lips!
Slim & tall
Slim and tall with a great oned body and the cutest of tits, definately want to see more of Olesya
Olesya in chair May 17th, 2004
Great start but really bogs down and becomes boring.
Olesya in her coat May 16th, 2004
My favourite leg model!
Olesya is one of my top fav leg models on the net! She has those characteristic legs of a leg model; long, slim and very nice shaped all the way from the ankles to a small, tight and narrow ass. She is most sexy when she wears a pair of thin stockings or pantyhose emphasizing her legs even more. I would love to kiss and touch her legs for hours.
Olesya white panties May 15th, 2004
More long legs!
Oh my God! More pictures of sexy Olesya with her long, slim and stunning legs combined with her tight and smooth ass! I just love her!