Nicolette Profil

Nom: Nicolette
Pays: Pologne
Poids: 52kg
Taille: 174cm
Age: 25
Profession: Mannequin

Le corps le plus classe que Petter n'ait jamais photographié ?

C'est assez aventureux de dire ça. Mais nous n'y sommes pour rien. Petter dit que c'est sans doute le corps le plus parfait qu'il n'a jamais pris en photo. Et il s'y connaît en formes féminines nues.

Découvrez Nicolette, 25 ans, de Pologne. Parfaitement proportionnée, elle a un corps extraordinaire. Elle a cette grande silhouette dégingandée propre aux mannequins de mode, mais avec des courbes bien en place que nous aimons tous voir.

C'est une petite urbaine. Fière de l'être. Elle pense que les petites villes sont plus intimes. Il y a un sens plus grand de la communauté, comme si la ville était un prolongement de votre famille ; les gens s'entraident. Elle n'a pas envie de vivre à 100 km dans une grande ville, ni de se frayer un chemin à coups d'épaules lors de son trajet quotidien.

Sa silhouette menue et sa peau sans imperfection vous feront penser qu'elle prend soin de son corps comme une athlète. Mais non. Elle ne fait aucun sport et mange tout ce qui lui chante.

C'est simplement parce que Nicolette a été bénie d'un cocktail génétique en or. Et elle est là pour vous montrer de quoi il en retourne.

Nicolette culotte fendue January 29th, 2017
Nicolette Crotchless Pantyhose what a delicious treat and total turn on. Great photography !
Stills from the movie very nice indeed
If it would be possible to create an extension of this gallery in new sets to include every part of the movie that would be much appreciated. That has probably been considered and may even be on the way. I hope so. Nicolette is a super girl So perfect in everything.
Complete the look
A nice pair of stilettos would complete this set in my eyes....
Clever photos and great body, looking forward to more.
Production Stills
I like the peek of the BTS, thanks.
Wrong eye
An _interesting eye_, this you-are-there participatory one, but not the artistically heightened Hegre eye. Maybe this is Petter before coffee — expository, looking about — or maybe just Petter's cameras and lights warming themselves.
Love the mirror moves...
Queen of Beauty
Very very beautiful girls....Thx Mr Hegre
Like Twins
always better...
well, ok... that was the hottest set I've seen on here in a while! love the crotchless/assless look! you were WAY far away for most of the set, though! hope we get some closer pics!
Are you serious? You thought THAT was hot?? It could have been in Playboy.
have you seen Playboy, recently? I just canceled my subscription that I've had since 1997! they have turned into a carbon copy of Maxim and FHM! I once took pride in the fact that I actually READ the magazine! But, anyone that tells you that that was THE reason they got it, is either full of shit, female, or gay! (not that there's anything wrong with that) Anywho...point being, this set shows a lot more than playboy does! And yes, I agree that Hegre has shot a LOT hotter than this! But, it's been a while!
Nicolette introduction January 21st, 2017
the best!!
This is the best series of casual nude shots I have seen. Beautiful and tasteful. Thanks Nicolette.
Nicolette .. i think Peter was right
That Babe rocks...........................woohoo
Just wow. Absolute perfection!
Perfect is a little far fetched
We all have different views as to the perfect woman body . Personally I always find most of the models to skinny is why i much prefer a model like Darina wich to me as more of a perfect body .Most times on some models you can see they have a nice shape but lack in thighs and other curves. Like someone did mention some do their part and are atlhetic but some just sems to me do not eat enough and are like the cat walk models we often see on tv wich needs to be a certain size . This does n ot take away from the beauty of any models it is just a matter of opinion and I personally do not prefer skin and bones .
Sweet, little butt
She has a rump that just begs to be nibbled on............
socks ?? is she wearing socks ??? I didn't see any socks - but OH MY what a beauty !
Beautiful Eyes !
Nicolette you have gorgeous eyes and the expression your face portrays is enticing. Your body is stupendous to say the least. Your poses delicious ! Long to see more of you. Did I mention your eyes?
beautiful, amazing girl, but I don't like socks...
Nicolette intro
Vous montrez d'abord vos fesses, certes parfaites. Mais il faut attendre la dia 38 pour admirer votre beau visage. Et un peu plus pour votre sourire. Merci pour ce moment de plaisir. Prenez soin de vous. A bientôt.
Nice but is she not just another in a long line ?
The perfect female shape as the first lines of the profile suggest is the view of each person. Peter provides a unique view of the female form in a place we can see everything. Perfection to one may not be perceived as the view as the same perfection such as Julia, Anya, Emily…Olivia, Kiky, Eva , Magdalena… Not at all surprised that Peter view of perfection was a woman that is tall and as the description said “skinny” and ”lanky” like a fashion model but had the “curves in the right places” IE large breast. I have to disagree as I look at her entire profile first then guess her occupation. To suggest she was athletic never entered my mind. I think it is a bit miss place to make the comparison of her physique to the true athletes you have on the site ( Magdalena , Mya , Olivia, Anya, Eva ) Peters view is as specific as any readers view. His like is the taller “skinny” girl with no muscle tone , no definition and large breast, “milky white “ skin. Why is female perfection = bust size? Is female fitness then a bad thing? As the profile suggest each woman natural body type flows from first a within generic foundation. A woman who chooses to not help that with any exercise or eating habits does that send the best message to those who do. If you look at Olivia or Magdelena or Anya or Eva pictures ect I suspect they have a certain amount of discipline and effort put in to maintain that body image. Looking at your top rated models one questions this as the view of perfection … Valerie , Flora both are in the top 10 yet one would tend to put them in a “athletic” physique area… For Nicolette would it be Nike or Under Armor wanting her to do a shoot or Victoria Secretes … yet in the V/S adds how often do you see woman with a milk white skin tone …..
RE: Nice but is she not just another in a long line ?
Breathe, man! You want to put that ramble in English?
Nicolette introduction
Beatiful girl. Great body. And I have a weakness for socks.
Those eyes in #24...
Nice work Petter, she's lovely and I really liked the oversized shirt & how she used it. If I had to nitpick though, it's glued on fingernails - bleah.
breathtaking LIKE A LOVE GOODDESS !!!!!
What a handsome girl - unbelivable. But she ist to shy - until now. I hope, the next pictures will show everything from her! She hast nothing to hide... ;-)
Great photoes. Very erotic!
Nicolette Wowwww !
Magnifique introduction ! Nicolette est sublime et j'adore les brunes... J'attends avec impatience les prochaines séries de photos
Would have been a great set without the socks...
Couldn't agree more Mat, We need some sets with those socks off, so we can get a good look at those pretty bare feet!!
Et Dieu créa La Femme...
ça y est je suis amoureux !!!
Lovely, so far! Hope we get a better view next time!