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Nataly N
Name: Nataly N
Country: Belarus
Weight: 45kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 24
Occupation: Model

Hard edged and stripped down

Wild, independent and alternative, Nataly is not mainstream or girl-next-door. Her style is pure punk rock. And you can forget boring, too – this girl is exhilarating.

Her dream is to hit the road with the Rolling Stones. As the ultimate rock and roll groupie, there’s no doubt she’d fit in. Wild horses could not hold her back. And she’s guaranteed to give you satisfaction.

This skinny, blond 24 year-old Belarusian has ravishing milky white skin. And somehow her posture and body speak with attitude. You can tell she is one street savvy bombshell.

She loves the fast-past buzz of New York City (her tough girl image is a perfect match). And despite how confident she appears in front of camera, this was her first nude photo shoot.

So be warned: Nataly is a fully loaded sex pistol ready to blow your mind.

Nataly N Eastern Europe January 29th, 2018
Nataly from Bielorusia
Muy decepcionante esta presentación, enfermizamente delgada, y oculta su concha apretando las piernas. Esperemos que evolucione perdiendo la vergüenza, y se alimente un poco más.
Video Next,
Striking looks, I do wonder how much better the looks could be with moment too? Video and more of the Treasure is needed, Cash her up Hegre
That skin is so clear
White as Snow, but Clear as a diamond. Being from a sunny land, it's nice to see such virgin skin.
Beautiful Slender Frame!!!
Nataly N has such a beautiful slender frame. I find bone structure extremely beautiful! As a photographer, I focus on lighting to emphasize bone structure because it shows the architecture of the female form. Nataly N has very beautiful rib and hipbone structure in this photoshoot!
Landing strip and boots are a nice touch. NOT! :-)
Simply beautiful Nataly
Nataly N Blue and Gold July 27th, 2015
Top Lady
Cool and elegantly sexy I love the style. Very beautiful - I love the two profile full face shots here,and the attitude is a nice variation on the usual all smiles and loveliness. Great girl.
Stunning body and a charming model in sexy nylon. Extremely hot!
Nataly N on deck January 26th, 2015
Would get wet.
Even if was sitting across from Nataly at the dinner table. I would get wet from her stunning Head, let alone the rest of her. Those looks, are powerFULL!!!!
Nataly N
J'adore votre regard. I love your eyes. That what makes the difference. Of course you are very beautiful.
nataly n on deck
Nataly is lovely but the photography is not up to Mr. Hegre's normal level of quality. The poses with the leggings make no sense visually. The leggings at random levels of height detract from Nataly's sexually charged look. It looks silly; what were you thinking? The use of background does nothing to build excitement and is too much the same throughout.
Nataly N gorgeous groupie July 24th, 2014
Nataly N gorgeous groupie
Wow! Now your getting some really sexy pictures of the great Nataly N! I just love her eyes! and her "between the legs." What a bod!!!
Nataly N White White Russian June 23rd, 2014
Nataly N is so sexy
Damn my heart stops when I see her photos, she is perfect, so lean and mean. I can not get her photos out of my head. More please and a video.
Is this Petter work?
In my opinion Nataly looks alarmingly undernourished.
Nataly N
Nataly N, and Valerie, of course, my two favorites!
I agree...nataly is too white herself for such a white background! (and, she still looks like she want's to kill me!)
sorry Petter... the light setup makes the whole scene look very ehmm... flat. and the shoes... omg. usually you do better ;)