Nastya Profile

Name: Nastya
Country: Russia
Weight: 51kg
Height: 175cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

Romantic, Outgoing, Astute

Nastya has two hobbies: reading romantic fiction and driving a motor bike.

THE COMBINATION gives her a dreamy, far away look, as if on the distant horizon a legendary hero is waiting and she can't wait to straddle her machine and race off to meet him. Nastya modeled nude for Hegre.com to see whether she enjoyed the experience, and in that first photo shoot shown here, there is a sense of trust and wonder in her bright eyes.

There is something angelic about Nastya, but you sense that underneath she is astute and ambitious. She is highly skilled at guarding her private life and says when she wants to chill out, she goes window shopping, or takes a walk to the old centre of Moscow where she searches through the second-hand bookshops. Ask her about the future and she rolls her eyes.

At 18, and after modeling nude only once, there is too much future and too many possibilities to consider.

Nastya white night September 29th, 2006
Bring her back !
Well, huge disappointment this series for me. I thought that you indeed shot brain new pictures with Nastya, which I really like a lot... but this is in fact a very old series that you bring to us. It is still nice to see more pictures of her... but tha quality as so much improved over the last few years (for the better) that this is a disappointment for me. Peter, try to have a new session with Nastya... she was young when you shot her, I am sure she is still very beautiful and maybe even more beautiful now !
I love pics 1 -6 and think when Nasya's confidence grows she should could be a great model. Not seen her before on this site so great debut pics
Nastya in Moscow hotel June 12th, 2004
Delighted lips everywhere
Nastya natural July 28th, 2003
Indeed a dream girl!
One of the best looking model, no doubt.
Love the hair down there for a change. This girl is a knockout. Do show more.
Nastya in bathroom part 2 May 18th, 2003
Pretty! :-)
Nastya on the floor April 28th, 2003
Classic beauty
Classic and natural beauty at it's best! She's got ideal sized breasts and nice shapely body and beautiful eyes.
Lovely Nastya
You are always very nice
So slim
Her belly is very tiny and it would be easy to feel all of her belly organs, even for the novice physical examiner.
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