Marta Profile

Name: Marta
Country: Poland
Weight: 54kg
Height: 175cm
Age: 23
Occupation: Student Model

Passionate, Sensitive, Daring

Marta is a girl captivated by the five senses with absolute confidence in her body and her feelings.

SHE HAS the trust it requires for her to be totally relaxed before the camera, to be in thrall to her passions. Whether it is posing formally or motivated to turn the moment into a session of auto-eroticism, one is aware that Marta is merely obeying her own instincts and is in perfect harmony with the new nude ideals.

For Marta, the perfect day is meeting friends for lunch (sense of taste), going to an early movie (a visual experience), going home to dress and put on one of her many scents (smell of perfume), then meeting her mates again at a disco to hear the latest sounds. Her favorite sense, though, is touch and she saves that for the end of the evening.

Petter Hegre photographed Marta at the SAS Hotel in Warsaw, completing sessions both alone and with Sylwia and Dominka.

Marta sensuality February 15th, 2005
dreamy face; lovely tits;sexy thumb in mouth
Marta in shower March 25th, 2004
Masturbating Under the shower?
Sylwia, Marta and Domenika Triple X February 12th, 2004
Sylwia, Marta and Domenika
Oh ladies what great nudes!!! Great smiles, eye contact and facial expressions that come across in the shots. I love that there is a blonde, brunette and redhead. Great combination and chemistry between the ladies. Ladies, you have been a part of the most beautiful shots that will be taken of you and that includes any you will have taken with your clothes on! These will be so much more beautiful, artistic and intimate. Great job ladies!!!
Marta masturbating January 26th, 2004
To be continued...
I hope so, Vika just prooved us how nice what a finger can afford.
So wheres Part 2. It said "To be CONTINUED"
This is an interesting shoot, nothing to see but plenty for the imagination. Fun.
Marta emotion September 25th, 2003
Marta Emotion
These shots definitely capture the emotion in Marta's face. She really has telling facial expressions in the photos. There is definite intensity and feeling coming across from her. The shots are even more striking because she is nude as it adds the elements of beauty and vulnerability to her emotions. Very moving and beautiful.