Lusa Profile

Name: Lusa
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 60kg
Height: 186cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Athlete

High Jump Champ

Lusa has the longest legs Petter Hegre has ever seen and it is not surprising that she is a high jumper for the Ukrainian Olympic team.

SHE IS a towering 186m, a 60 kilo streak of lightning energy now in training for the next Olympic Games. Lusa has, apart from those skyscraper legs, narrow hips, a slender sensitive face and pearly white perfect skin. Her personal high jump record is 185 cm, she must achieve another 10 cm to ensure her place on the team.

Now 19, she has a little over 3 years to make that result. "Piece of cake" she says, "just don't show these photos to the press when I receive my medal in Beijing, China in 2008." It is hard to know whether she is joking or not.

She enjoys posing for the camera and, for members of Hegre.com, this is a great opportunity to see an international athlete demonstrating how sexy she really is.

Lusa lumber jack July 5th, 2005
wonderful beauty!!!
i've never thought that i will see here girls wight a height like me....and soooooo cute wonderful shaped and super sexy slim......thank god for that girl!!
Lusa black fur May 24th, 2005
I lobe your natural black fur on your pussy
those beauty titts
to see those sexy tiny boobs.....fantastic!
Lusa princess dress May 2nd, 2005
Like the situation
The dress really is a match with a classic beauty Lusa. Would have like to seen her actually undress little by little.
her sexy legs
and feet.... i love these slim sexy wonderful hot feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish you would've kept her in that dress some more. She's very elegant looking in the dress.
Lusa on a table April 19th, 2005
Like the morgue like situation
She is a beautiful specimen, needs more lighting on some shots. Like to see more of this situation with all the models.
Not erotic. Just disgusting. Thumbs down!
Interesting photos. I would call this series "Dr. Hegre's Experiment."
How can she compete in the Olympics, she is dead, look at this dead person.
Lusa long legs March 13th, 2005
I have no idea what lusa is.. I think there is naked and then there is nude lusa is both and she has the check me out looks I like this model
Lusa long legs
what i wonderful way to show the longest legs of all beautiful Hegre Models. Gratulation for the Photos.
dimple line simple beauty ... i like !!!
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