Tana Profile

Name: Tana
Country: Russia
Weight: 49kg
Height: 173cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Law Student

Pragmatic and Mysterious

Like a sculpted figure in bronze, Tana receives and refracts the light around her, creating exquisite angles consumed by the camera.

SHE IS in many ways a mystery, sylph-like, with full, round, strutting breasts and a slender but well-toned body. It is the mystery that makes her so popular, both among her friends in Russia, but also on Hegre.com: who is this girl? Tell us more.

Tana enjoyed the idea of nude modeling, but was insistent that the session remained "respectable" and said she would never have considered posing for anyone other than Petter Hegre, Why? Just in case she meets a rich man one day and he is against the idea of her showing her all to the world. So hush, hush: we are privy to Tana's guilty little secret.

You will find her on the site in a session with Luba and a group session with Galina and Sveba, both Russian girls.

Luba & Tana Russian army October 22nd, 2004
These girls have great little cookies.
wow tana
not a whole of gals can compete with the amazing Luba, but you pulled it off. Top Work, Tana.
Russian Army
These girls are gorgeous together. Especially Tana, who I see is scarcely available on your site. That's too bad...I would love to see a LOT more of Tana.
Galina, Sveba and Tana in bed March 17th, 2004
great faces such touchable nipples treat
Have I died and gone to heaven? This set is one of your best Petter. The girls are doing nothing, but theres magic in these photos.The girls are beautiful, especially GALINA! So much for blondes. (Could I possibly get this girls address-you know, maybe we could become pen pals!
Dropping bathrobes June 2nd, 2003
Dropping bathrobes
No better sight than when those robes hit the floor! That is when you get a true appreciation of these lovely ladies' beauty. I love the three lady set as you can really get a great perspective on what unique qualities that each beautiful lady brings to the shot. Each is beautiful in their own way and it is wonderful to be able to bring that beauty together to create such lovely nudes. Terrific photo set.
Petter, this is one of the best photo sessions I have ever seen. Three beautiful women - all very different-looking but all equally deilghtful in different ways. An classic!
Tana, the model on the far right, has perhaps the most perfect body I have ever seen! What amazing curves. Her breasts are physically perfect, as is her tiny waist. I only wish there was more of her to see on this site. Bring back Tana!!
How strange that this gallery has received no comments to date. For me it is one of the most significant and typical of Petter's work. In any case it was instrumental in drawing me to this site. The simple beauty of the models is breathtaking. The frank and uncomplicated way in which they are portrayed (without the usual tedious trappings of nude "art" photography: veils, shadows, etc... ) is really refreshing.