Monika Profile

Name: Monika
Country: Poland
Weight: 57kg
Height: 165cm
Age: 24
Occupation: Student Model

Divine Indian Goddess

Monika was born with a gift; well, that's not strictly true.

MONIKA AS a teenager became aware of her gift and knew her gift should be shared with the world. All women have breasts. Monika is a work of art. An Indian goddess. A fertility symbol. Her breasts are full, round, firm and high with pink nipples like blooming roses.

Petter Hegre had been in Warsaw for several days with the usual rush of casting and test shoots that goes with the territory. Monika was brought to the hotel by a talent scout on the morning Petter was leaving. He had already packed away his equipment, but he took one look at those breasts, told the taxi driver to keep the engine running and it was shootout at the OK Corral time.

He finally left with the camera still in his hand, and as Monika waved from the hotel steps he didn't even care if he missed the plane out Poland. Those tits were worth it.

Monika in bed part 2 March 11th, 2005
I really appreciate how MONIKA displays herself. She is wonderfully proportioned for those of us who like LARGE BREASTED brunettes, with tight BUNS. When it comes to MONIKA and her intimate female anatomy, I appreciate how she shows us just enough of the pussy lips hiding in the dark brown bush. She knows what she has, and the viewer can go from there. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and MONIKA holds all the beauty in this set.
Monika in bed June 10th, 2004
Perfect breasts, shy little pussy.
Monika sitting nude May 6th, 2004
She is splendid, I do hope she will show us much more from her.
This lady is an incredible beauty. We could take more!
Monika on a chair March 22nd, 2004
What a beauty!
Monika mass seduction January 29th, 2004
Splendid breast and body. Her face is pretty too.
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