Loli Profile

Name: Loli
Country: Russia
Weight: 50kg
Height: 166cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Spearmint Rhino Dancer

Breaking the Mould

There are a million girls flooding out of the countryside into Moscow.

THERE ARE thousands of girls…tens of thousands who would like to perform their act at Spearmint Rhino. But there's only one Loli, star stripper at the capital's premier night spot. Loli is a legend in her own young lifetime. People go to the Spearmint for the exotic drinks and the best food in Russia. They go back to see Loli.

When they constructed the mould for dancers they made them small and fragile, with skinny arms, no hips and a flat chest. Loli breaks the mould with her dramatic curves and powerful personality. She's as supple as a gymnast, sleek as a sea creature, as beautiful a day in summer.

She trained as a ballerina and can dance roles as the elegant Giselle or the love lost Juliet, but it's only when she's stripping that she feels in touch with her inner self.

Loli in Bed August 31st, 2004
Loli, What a Girl !!
Loli, What a Girl !! Wow.. Very beautiful girl, Beautiful eyes, nose, lips, Awesome Breasts, the whole body is unbelievable.. After looking at Loli, Wish Loli Could be in Bed With Me !!
Loli in bathroom June 3rd, 2004
This lady has so much going for her, it is to bad for us that there were not more photo sessions after 2004. Loli has super features with great skin tones, a very hot body, a super looks. thank you for the excellent photo work to give us the feeling we are right there!
Loli in bathroom
At 2000 pixels, she has red eyes. My old mum used to take holiday photos that turned out like these. (Obviously Loli wasn't naked in any of our holiday photos though).
Loli on the table August 2nd, 2003
I love this model and this gallery - my first introduction to the site way back when!
Loli mirrors June 4th, 2003
RE: Photo number 53
wonderful eyes also
RE: Photo number 45
a beautiful girl with a fine sexy body and a gorgeous set of tits!
Lovely Loli April 3rd, 2003
Loli is awesome..
I guess Loli's photo clubs are one of the best clubs I have seen on your web site..the 2000 pxl is awesome..quality..She is one of your best models..