Maja Profile

Name: Maja
Country: Poland
Weight: 49kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

No Longer Shy

When Maja went with her friend Anna to meet Petter Hegre during his trip to Poland, she had absolutely no intention of modeling.

POSING NUDE? Forget it. She had just finished high school and was far too shy, she said; she only came to support her friend. Petter did a few test shots of Anna and, when they began the session, Maja's big brown eyes grew bigger and, when it was over, she sat there nervously on the edge of her seat.

Hegre asked if she wanted to do a few test shots, just for fun. She nodded and posed shyly. Just slip your top off for a moment…she slipped her top off and he did a couple more shots. And your jeans, please…off came the jeans, the white cotton bra, her little pair of knickers and she stretched her long back and got so into it she didn't want the session to end.

They then shot a film: Anna and Maja in Bed, and Maja showed she isn't really shy at all.

Anna and Maja in nature January 24th, 2006
lovely photoes of two very pretty unspoiled girls.
anna & maja
petter, this fotos are a bit out of focus. not the quality we expect from you. Tony
Anna and Maja beach beauties November 26th, 2004
Ultra Babes!
Maja first session May 3rd, 2004
Cute girl with ideal body
Very cute girl with perfect body. Longer hair and shaved crotch would be nice. It's too bad she did not like the solo sessions.
Maja's first session
Very nice but how about some shots of her fully clothed and slowly undressing?
truely a classic beauty.
beauty in its finest form
This lady is stunningly beautiful. She is the reason I joined today so that I could see the rest of her pictures. I love them.
Very Sweet
Her pairing with Anna is inspired but I'd really love to see more of her in solo shoots. She's a mind-bending mix of sweet and sexy, let's see more of her PLEASE :)
Anna and Maja in bed January 17th, 2004
Best Yet!
These two beautiful models work very well together and obviously enjoy each other. Nice to see the more free flowing-less static posing that this film offers. Very nice lighting and good musical score as well.
Great tention in the room!
These saasy girls will keep the tention and strech all they can! And you WILL by it! It's good! Very good....I just wanted them to touch eachother more :-)
This film has two beautiful girls posing on a bed, but one (Anna) seemed to force her way to the front, while her to-me-lovelier friend (Maja) too often had to peer out from behind her. They really don't relate to one another at all, except that Maja did look at Anna occasionally. Petter, think of posing Maja by herself in a future shoot.
Anna and Maja on a mirror January 5th, 2004
Maja is really beautiful.