Leka Profil

Name: Leka
Land: Ukraine
Gewicht: 49Kg
Größe: 175cm
Alter: 21
Beruf: Studentin


Es gibt nichts wichtigeres bei einer größeren Webpage, als den Webmaster.

DIE FOTOGRAFEN lichten eine Menge nackter Mädels ab, der Generator stellt die Bilder zusammen, die Texter schustern die passenden Worte zusammen, aber ohne den Webmaster würde dem Cocktail der gewisse Schuss fehlen. Der Webmaster (oder Mistress) ist der Zauberer, der Schlüssel für das ganze Unternehmen. Das ist der Grund, warum Leyka so ernst wirkt. Sie vernachlässigt niemals ihre Studium und möchte eine sichere Anstellung als Programmiererin haben.

Wir applaudieren ihr zu ihrer harten Arbeit und auch zum Erfolg als Modell. Letztes Jahr wurde sie Vize Miss Moskau. Sie hat natürlichgelocktes rotes Haar, einen langen hageren Körper und die Intelligenz strahlt aus ihrem Elfengesicht. Lekas Traum ist der aller Mädchen: Nach Paris zu gehen und für die beste Agentur zu arbeiten, um irgendwann der Star der Agentur zu werden.

...und bis dahin ist sie ein Crack am Computer!

Leka erstes Shooting January 10th, 2005
Great first shoot
I know it was 5 years ago now, but Leka if you still look at this (and you probably dont) you have a great body, sorry I never found you back then, but in 2010 I'm now a big fan
Leka feucht und wild November 19th, 2004
Very sexy
Wet tit pressed against wet glass is suddenly very sexy. Why did this model get no comments at the time of her appearance? Bizzare.
Leka...All Natural
Mmmm-m-m-m-m-m! I'm savoring the SENSUALLY DELICIOUS touch that Petter's lens brings to his work...and in particular to this gallery: NATURAL LIGHT enhances NATURAL BEAUTY...and Leka is GORGEOUS! (Love the subtle use of a 'soft' lens/filter to create REFLECTIONS..."thru the LOOKING GLASS".)
Leka weiße Laken November 3rd, 2004
Slender beauty
Diffinitely needs shaving and less tan.
Very attractive with a splendid hairy pussy and anus. A pure Wonder. I hope to see much more from her thanks to Petter.
Missed opportunity
I missed Leka back in 2005, which is a shame as she is a very attractive model, not sure about the pussy fluff though.
"So thru the EYES,...LOVE finds the HEART! For, the EYES are the SCOUTS of the HEART!" Am I the first to notice that Leka's eyes are absolutely LUMINOUS? "White Sheets"...accentuates the natural beauty of Leka's lovely Brown hair...and sparkling Blue eyes!
Susha & Leka Fotosession October 26th, 2004
Didn't much care for this, the jerkiness was off-putting.
Susha and Leka
Spectacular, stunning, highly erotic, tantalizing, aluring, captivating, and I do believe now, that I may be in love!
Nice touch with the B&W stills tied in
I like how you (the team) took key moment and made them into BW shots. nice touch.........its a good reminder of we are seeing what peter is seeing and he was capturing the key moments as this footage was being shot. and of course the girls look fantastic.....(which is a given). Best, Site Member
Loyal constructive criticism
The B&W shots are great! Unfortunately, all the panning and zooming with the accompanied 'jumping' of the camera almost gave me motion sickness. I thought that the composition and was very good and the ladies were just beautiful. I recognize the difficulty of filming outdoors with natural light, but, the graininess of the motion picture compared to the crispness of the stills made me long for a still to come along. I applaud your creativity and adventure in this effort. Perhaps a steadier hand, slower pace, and stronger lighting to assist the camera as it wends your magic will hone these new techniques so they can become a welcome complement to your beautiful subjects. Please, Please keep these efforts coming!
I agree with Charlie on this - It's way to choppy. The ladies are awesome. Kinda wished they had kissed to end the scene.
Leka und Susha schlafend October 11th, 2004
Where is this girl, Susha? Does she like yoni massage?