Leka Profile

Name: Leka
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 49kg
Height: 175cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Student

Computer wiz

No role is more important on a major website than that of the webmaster.

THE PHOTOGRAPHERS shoot lots of naked girls; the 'generator' prepares the images; the writers conjure up the words, but without the webmaster, this cocktail would lack sparkle. The webmaster (or mistress) is the magician, the key to the entire enterprise. That's why Leka is a girl to take seriously. She never neglects her studies and wants to have a secure profession as a programmer behind her.

We applaud her hard work and applaud her success in the model circuit, too. Last year she was runner-up in the prestigious Miss Moscow competition. She has natural curly red hair, a long skinny body and intelligence beams from her pixie face. Leka's dream, like all the girls dream, is to go to Paris and work in the best model agency, and one day be the star of the agency.

And in the meantime, she's a wiz on the computer.

Leka and Susha on the balcony September 15th, 2004
Belles, naturelles, sauvages, agressives, beautés informelles, solides....Le profil de Leka est magnifique....Beauté Antique,...L'Ukraine a réussi de beaux mélanges...Il y'a une histoire dans le visage de Léka.
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