Marketa Profile

Name: Marketa
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 52kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Student, Model

Intelligent and Athletic

Marketa is a 100% professional and the collections captured of her in Paris are playful, sensual and stunningly erotic.

MARKETA CAME to Hegre.com during the cherry season and this shapely, silky skinned femme fatale from Prague did things with cherries that will linger on the memory and make this lush summer fruit taste sweeter every time we slip one into our mouth.

Marketa is a new woman from new times, empowered, in charge of her own destiny. With the symmetrically perfect features of a Greek goddess, the look in her eye is almost unnerving, as if Marketa is more divine than human. It is a beauty so perfect as to be almost artificial and touches us subliminally as a reminder of our genetic inheritance.

Czech and Ukrainian beauty mixed and stirred like you have never seen before: as explosive, he said, as a Molotov cocktail!

Marketa in secret garden January 30th, 2005
Marketa in secret garden
THAT must be the 'Garden of Eden'. Eve could not have been more tempting, apple or no apple.
Marketa in veil January 20th, 2005
Marketa in veil
I am surprised that I may be the first to comment on this gallery. There are a handful of models on this site, Amandine, Caro, Hanna, Marketa, Mirta, Linda L, Caro, Yanna, Jennipher, Naomi..., for whom shame appears not to be part of their framework. But this shoot, dear sir, is brilliant in that it still gives Marketa the opportunity to hide and show at the same time; and something still more comes through than in the other, more direct, galleries. Conceptually beautiful, and executed, by both photographer and model, exquisitely. Well done that man, and that woman. Luba, Angelica, Anna S, and so many others, should look again, and open their eyes, IMHO. There used to be an expression, "sock it to me!" Marketa can sock it to me, or you, and never touch us, or vice versa. But we have been used, for *her* pleasure. If they gave Olympic medals for this kind of thing, Marketa would get the gold with a perfect 10 from every judge.
Marketa Pumping Iron January 11th, 2005
Great movie, need more models doing stuff like this
Great Movie
It is a great movie!!!
Workout Incentive
At 78, it was getting tough to show up at the gym every Mon,Wed & Fri, but with an incentive like this, I'll make it to 80 for sure. Thanks
Motivation galore!
Marketa makes me want to get up off the couch and workout. In fact she makes me want to just get up, in more ways than one! Wow!!!
Marketa pumping iron- great movie!!!!
I know Marketa for a long time and I must tell you that she is HOT HOT and HOT!! This film is amazing. Marketa is wonderful babe! I want to be there like her trainer! She drive me crazy :-)
Amazing film Petter!!! Your best I think!!
Einfach sehr schön
Ich finde es sehr schön, wenn sich ein nacktes Mädchen in einem Fitnesscenter bewegt. Man kann in diesem Film die Reize der Frau aus verschiedenen Blickwinkel geniessen.
Hmmmm.., Mistress Marketa
A Beautiful Blonde Babe! The close ups in this film makes you go wiiiild!! It's just like if you are there.. very sensual and very personal! Please Petter make this babe sweat more and more! She is my favorite blond on your site and here captured in a great genuine relaxed movie. Gorgeous model, Good music, Great editing! 5+ i would say. More Marketa Wanted!!! Thanks..
Hey guys, isn't she beautiful???
Yes yes Marketa!!!! Petter I agree with JRA. We want more of this beauty...This movie is really special, and Marketa is really especial model. I never see such beauty in my life before!
Its great!
I love it!!
Best. Video. Ever.
Best model ever. More,please.
Marketa is so HOT
Wow!!! What a beauty. Petter I know you think Luba is the most beautiful woman, and she is beautiful. But Marketa is smokin!! I have never seen a more beautiful model. If there ever was a perfect 10 then she is it. I have found pictures of Marketa from a few different photographers but yours are the best. And this film is the hottest thing I have ever seen. I am in love with this woman. Keep up the great work.
Sweet Marketa
What I love about this video, beyond the obvious lusting for this absolutely beautiful young woman, is seeing Marketa's personality shine through. I realize that she is an aspiring professional and as such tries to present a certain image. But her little smiles and motions and reactions and how she plays with the camera is awesome. It would be great to know this young woman in real life and I envy Petter for his chance to share these smiles with these ladies. Salute, Petter...and salute to Marketa.
Perfect body
Close-up shots from behind Marketa while she does leg lifts? Why are you still reading *this*??
absolutely perfect
She is gorgeous and the film is very sexy
more full view shots
great vid wish i could have seen more full body views of her standing and facing camera; why do you do the close ups of her top half when she is standing?? you are wasting great things by not expanding your view loved the Luba pool full body shots walking along the pool - please do more like this
Marketa true angel
I thought, I had seen the most beautiful woman on the Internet until I came across Marketa. Very beautiful, very intelligent (law-student), very nice, a perfect girl!!
eres una belleza, de mujer
hacia muchos que no veia una mujer tan hermosa, como tú, a pesar de mis muchos años de correrias por este dichoso mundo y por muy increible que parezca, me estoy enamorando de tí.
the best movie ever
Hi this movie, music and Marketa together is so sensual thing, that I can not to think about what I must to do and about my work. I only think about this super movie and this super girl. It would be great to make some interview with Marketa. She is very sweet. Her smile is amazing, and her body is perfect.. I love when she smile, it is so natural..She has one of the most beautiful face I have seen in my life. More of this please..
Yeah Marketa is the most beautiful girl!!
Petter you have so big talent!!I dont understand Elfie review, I think it wrote some jealous model, which jealous to Marketa's success. She is the most beautiful girl. And I am sure, this movie is great!! This movie is immaculate!! And I really like the close ups which are in this movie. Marketa has really beautiful and perfect body, so it is comprehensible that Petter did many close ups.. Wow more please.
Absolutely great-Marketa pumping iron
Hi, I study university with this beautiful babe and she is really lovely person. She is very good model and very good student. I love her. :-) I saw a lot of models, but Marketa is in my opinion model number one.
Marketa rises above the rest
Thank you Peter, great movie. However, whatever Marketa does is terrific. I'd love to see Peter make a movie out of Marketa's black nylon set.
Yes, Marketa is beautiful, and it is great to see her working out. I would have preferred to see her working out with greater weight and/or more repetitions. As it is, the movie makes it seem like she's just playing at working out. I also wonder at your description of her as "totally uninhibited", because she frequently seems embarrassed at being filmed doing this. I don't mean to be critical, since we all have our psychological vulnerabilities -- but for me, at least, her embarrassment distracts from the film. But despite these drawbacks, I think the basic idea is very good.
Marketa Pumping Iron
Watching Marketa in this film is like having a very pleasant workout myself!!
Marketa in the sand January 2nd, 2005
Sand in the crack!
Get down in the sand Marketa
Marketa in bikini December 25th, 2004
Shot on Christmas Day. I want you for my Christmas present. I want to slowly unwrap you!
Marketa in Bikini
what a babe ! what a tease ! !
I really think this is the best pictorial. Not because of the model, but the fact she has a complete outfit on. The Models can be fully clothed, and I think they are just as beautiful as unclothed. I would really like to see more with complete outfits. This is a really good example of what a complete photoshoot is. Thanks for a job well done.